Max Valiquette

Innovation, Transformation, and Marketing Expert

For over twenty years, Max Valiquette has been at the forefront of what’s now, what’s new, and what’s next. Anointed by Marketing Magazine as one of Canada’s “most influential Marketers,” Max has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world to help them transform their organizations, their businesses, and their brands. He is an award-winning marketer and market researcher; an author; a broadcaster; and a journalist who relishes engaging with audiences. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called him a “don’t miss” speaker.

Max’s entrepreneurial drive led him to found Youthography, the ground-breaking Millennial Marketing company. He is currently the Chief Strategy Office at Diamond Integrated Marketing.

Over the course of his career, Max has worked on brands including Nike, Budweiser, Coca-Cola and everything in between. He won multiple awards for the ground-breaking anti-smoking campaign; and acts as an advisor for various charitable organizations and techspace start-ups. Max also sat on the Board of the Canada Media Fund, Canada’s largest single cultural endowment, for three years helping to transition it towards a more digital future.

When he’s not on stage, Max is on Entertainment Tonight or MTV talking about popular culture; speaking to the Wall Street Journal or NPR about organizational transformation or innovation; or writing about marketing and branding for Strategy and hosting their Agency of the Year awards.

Max’s presentations are filled with information and insights, actionable recommendations for your audience, extremely engaging entertainment, and customized content. His favourite thing in the world – after his family and the 1994 Montreal Expos – is to connect with an audience and help them learn, transform, and prosper.

Innovation (And Disruption)

“A brilliant way to look at innovation — I’m not afraid of it now!”

Innovation has famously been called “the most important and the most overused” word right now. We’re hearing it, reading it, seeing it more than ever — along with its sister term, disruption. But talking about it doesn’t mean we really understand it.

This presentation makes innovation and disruption simple. Using easy-to-understand principles and actionable strategies that your audience can take away and implement immediately, plus a fun, entertaining presentation style that has people laughing and learning at the same time, Max Valiquette demystifies innovation.

In this presentation, you’ll learn why innovation is more important than ever (and why it’s also more confusing), how innovation is much easier for most us than we think it is, and the few key things you and your organization can do right now to foster a culture of innovation.

Innovation has never been as valued as it is right now – but that doesn’t mean we know how to get value from innovation. “Innovation (and Disruption)” will leave you knowing how to make innovation have value for you.

Millennials (and Generation Z)

“The best presentation on young people that I’ve ever seen.”

Max has been focusing on Millennials since before we were even calling them Millennials. As the founder of Youthography, the first youth-oriented research and marketing firm in North America, he conducted groundbreaking research studies on this elusive group and worked on the biggest youth brands in the world.

Since then, he’s added to his understanding of young people by adding Generation Z — the post-Millennial generation — to his expertise.

This is the only presentation on understanding youth you’ll ever need: comprehensive, but entirely customizable for you, your industry, and your audience; and informative, but incredibly entertaining.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to build a better youth-focused brand, an HR professional trying to attract and retain this generation, an educator who wants to connect to students inside and outside the classroom better, or anyone else looking to understand and connect with people under 40 — this is the only presentation you’ll ever need to see. Millennials and Gen Z matter. This presentation will explain how they matter to you.

Branding (and Brand Purpose)

“Whether you’re a seasoned pro or brand-new to marketing, this is the best presentation on brands you could ask for. Why they matter and how to make them great.”

Max draws on more than two decades of working with some of the biggest brands in the world to deliver an engaging and insightful presentation on brands and branding — why brands matter, how to build a successful brand promise, how to deliver a great brand at all the right touchpoints, and how to bring your entire organization together to rally around your brand.

Max speaks about branding and re-branding, how brands grow businesses, understand customers and getting to real insights, and what meaningful engagement looks like in our increasingly media-fractured world.

A great brand is critical for a great business. Max’s presentation on branding is a critical presentation for anyone looking to build a great brand.

Note: This presentation is also available as a customised, interactive workshop for businesses and organizations needing to either build a brand from scratch or transform their existing brand.

Trends With Benefits

Max’s most popular presentation is an ever-evolving, customized speech about current trends and what they mean to your business or industry. “Trends with Benefits” looks at shifting demographics, new cultural trends, changes in business and industry, and developing, disruptive technologies. It is custom-adapted for every client, with the right grouping of trends presented and customized Implications for your industry and your organization.

“Trends with Benefits” focuses on a customized combination of the following:

  • Millennials — who are incredibly important as a demographic because of their size and their impact on their Boomer parents;
  • Boomers — an aging population cohort who are forcing us to reconsider how our businesses and organizations work, as they upend all existing expectations of what aging means;
  • Innovation — how to define it, manage it, and benefit from it (and disruption, too);
  • Customer service and customer-centricity — how technology and digital innovation is transforming what it means to be customer-focused, and what to do about that;
  • Marketing in the Digital Era — how brands and businesses need to transform the way they communicate for 2020 and beyond;
  • The “Intrapreneur” — the new generation of young employees who are looking to bring a spirit of entrepreneurialism into organizations that hire them.

Custom Presentations

As a full-time strategist and planner, Max is constantly researching new and different industries, consumer trends, and changes in the landscape — and delivering scores of presentations and reports to all sorts of different clients every year. If what you need is a customized presentation that addresses a very specific need or problem for your organization, Max will work with you to craft and deliver a customized presentation that does a deep dive into whatever it is that keeps you up at night — and gives you and your audience actionable strategies to take with you.