Marshall Jones

Marshall Jones

Custom Spoken Word Poetry Expert

Marshall Jones is a celebrated spoken word artist whose work is exploding around the world. His unique gift runs deep into the human experience, exploring universal themes that run the gamut from identity and culture to connection and technology. Marshall, who has performed for TED audiences in Montreal, Hollywood, and at the Scott Air Force Base, showcases his incredible work for audiences, collaborates with clients on incredible customized material, and speaks with passion about the creative process–something he understands like no one else.

As a professional spoken word artist and dramatic performer, Marshall has been featured in two TEDx conferences, and has shared the podium with the likes of Marc Lamont Hill, Ambassador Andrew Young, Henry Louis Gates, and Simon Sinek. He has also performed at the Musical Instrument Museum, the Omega Institute, and at BBC World Service.

His clients have included numerous college and  universities, Absinthe Films, 20k Watts, The Leon Sullivan Foundation, the I.Am Angel Foundation, and the Jordin Sparks Experience. On stage, he has also commemorated actors Mia Farrow and John Leguizamo.

Custom Spoken Word Poetry

From beginning to end, Marshall Jones works with clients to craft a custom piece for their event. His talent and expertise provides a powerful, memorable, and inspiring experience for any and every audience.

The Toolbox: How To Bring Creativity To Work

“To the skilled every toy is a tool, to the unskilled every tool is a toy.” -Anonymous

Drawing from a multitude of disciplines, Marshall Jones gives you the tools for finding, mastering and employing the fullness of your creative potential, as a unified staff or a collection of individuals.


Finding and Crafting Your Voice

In this interactive discussion, Marshall Jones shares the unexpected places where he found his “voice” and leads others to finding theirs as well. Attendees will learn:

  • How choosing your words is like building a website.
  • How opening your “tongues” can open your mind.
  • How men and women really do “hear” differently
  • And more.