Jennifer Jones

Jennifer Jones

Skip of the 2014 Olympic Champion Curling Team

Jennifer Jones is Canada’s most decorated and recognizable female curler. She won an Olympic gold medal as skip of the Canadian team at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, just 18 months after having ACL surgery, and 15 months after becoming a mother for the first time. Her team dominated the Olympic field, winning all 11 games, and in the process Jones became the first female skip in history to go through the Games undefeated.

Known as one of the best pressure players to ever compete in her sport, Jones came to national prominence at the 2005 Scott Tournament of Hearts when she won her first Canadian title thanks to “The Shot”, a maneuver described by many sports commentators as the greatest curling championship shot in history. Jones is also a former Women’s World Champion, four-time Canadian Champion, and nine-time Provincial Champion.

A natural leader whose innovative strategies have changed the face of women’s curling, Jones draws on her unprecedented experience, sharing her approach to leadership, teamwork, determination, and performing under pressure.

A graduate of the University of Manitoba, where she completed her Bachelor of Laws Degree in 1999, Jones has worked as a lawyer both in private practice and as in-house counsel in a corporate setting. She continues to be heavily involved in her community, serving on numerous boards over the years, and is currently serving on Winnipeg’s Health Sciences Centre Foundation Board.


Jennifer Jones speaks on becoming a leader and how to gain the confidence of your team; how to bring out the best in your team in high pressure situations; leading by example; and being a motivator.

Teamwork and Team Dynamics

Jennifer Jones describes: the function of a team unit and how to bring out the best in each other; understanding the unique character traits of your teammates and embracing them; how strong team dynamics can make you more energized and successful; and that working as a united team can be intimidating for the competition.

Communication and Decision Making Process

In this important talk by Jennifer Jones, she explains the importance of effective and open communication and developing team systems in order to be more efficient and productive; developing a “safe” communication system to ensure any issues are addressed immediately to avoid serious communication breakdowns and problems; and developing a decision making process to ensure that all team members feel “heard” and a part of the team.

Work-Life-Sport Balance

A discussion around the harmony of work-life-sport balance–developing and managing priorities; understanding that your life-balance impacts your entire life and personal well being; and the importance of happiness on energy, success, and health.

Perseverance, Determination and Adversity

A discussion about over coming obstacles, developing a winning plan, and adjusting the plan to manage any adversity. Jennifer Jones teaches audiences about believing 100% in the plan you develop; never giving up on your dream no matter what the obstacles; focusing on the ultimate goal and eliminating distractions; finding your inner strength; surrounding yourself with a team that believes in you and eliminating any negative energy.

Performance Under Pressure

Jennifer Jones is known as the best pressure player the game of curling has ever seen and speaks about the reasons for her success and how pressure can make a person perform even better.