Jana Webb

Jana Webb

Entrepreneur | Founder and Creator, JOGA

A lifelong athlete, Jana Webb is on a mission to share her inimitable perspective of fitness and health with the world. She is the founder and CEO of Joga, a unique blend of yoga and sport that has revolutionized how people, including elite athletes, strengthen their mind and bodies. Joga was fuelled by Jana’s personal journey of rehabilitation after a car crash left her severely injured. In her inspirational talks, she shows people how to leverage adversity, resiliency, and vulnerability to empower themselves, and enhance their performance both at home and work.

Before this chapter of her life, Jana was a successful television host and advertising executive, but after a severe car accident required her to undergo serious rehabilitation — a yogi was born. Having always been somewhat of a jock, Jana morphed her Ishta Yoga training from Japan to compliment her competitive athletic nature and launched Joga in 2010.

Since then, Jana has worked with elite athletes from across North America — including Olympians and players from the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and CFL — helping them to enhance their performance and excel at their sport. Joga has grown to having more than 350 Joga coaches around the globe, and Jana is currently building her first Joga House in Toronto with more locations to come.

Having found her niche market in the realm of high performance and athletes, Jana has captured the attention of high-profile media outlets including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, Inside Fitness, CBC, CityLine, and Breakfast Television, and has spoken for TedTalks, Optimyz, CanFit Pro, and Veg Expo.

Nothing is an Accident: Lessons from Survival

Whether personal or professional, Jana Webb believes that everything we experience — from tragedy to success — has a purpose, and leads us to where we’re supposed to be today.

In 1999, Jana suffered a car accident that required her to undergo rehabilitation. This led her to Yoga and ultimately the creation of Joga. In 2016, Jana was in another near fatal car accident; a head on collision that left her with a broken back and a brain injury.

In this inspiring talk, Jana shows her audience how to leverage adversity, resiliency, and vulnerability to empower ourselves and others into owning accountability and responsibility for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. She shows how to harness the lessons from setbacks and use them to evolve and find balance at home, work, and play.

Finding the “Me” in Social Media

We are living in a social, digital epidemic. In just a decade, social media has infiltrated our lives to the point where we can’t imagine a world without it anymore, but what effect is it having on us?

In this talk, Jana walks us through the science and physiological aspects of social media on the human system, and strategies around maintaining and finding authenticity in both personal and business online relationships.

Swimming Upstream in the Culture of Sport

A lifelong athlete, Jana Webb transitioned from television into the highly competitive world of sport. In 2010, she launched Joga, a unique blend of yoga and sport that has completely revolutionized how people strengthen their minds and bodies. Now a worldwide sensation, Jana travels the world training Olympians and professional athletes from the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA, and CFL.

She shares her lessons learned from persevering and succeeding in a male-centric culture, from developing her product to building her brand, and empowers her audiences to find their why and way to success.

Celebrity Services

For media inquiries, brand sponsorships, and beyond, Jana Webb is represented by The Spotlight Agency. Contact [email protected] to learn more.