Ron Tite


Ron Tite

Branding and Creativity Expert

Relevant, engaging, and interactive, Ron Tite exceeds expectations each and every time he takes the stage. Named one of the “Top 10 Creative Canadians” by Marketing Magazine, he’s been an award-winning advertising writer and creative director for some of the world’s most respected brands, including Air France, Evian, Hershey, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Intel, Microsoft, and Volvo. Addressing a variety of topics surrounding branding, corporate strategy, creativity, content, and social media, Tite’s presentations are not only information-packed, they’re also infused with his unique humour–guaranteed to have you laughing while you learn.

Currently, Tite is CEO of The Tite Group, a content marketing agency based in Toronto. His work has been recognized by The London International Advertising Awards, The New York Festivals of Advertising, The Crystals, The Extras, The Canadian Marketing Association, and The Marketing Awards, to name just a few.

Tite is also executive producer and host of the Canadian Comedy Award-winning show Monkey Toast, and is a featured marketing expert (with Amber Mac), on the new Mark Burnett-produced business reality show, Dream Funded. He has written for a number of other television series, penned a children’s book, and wrote, performed, and produced the play, The Canadian Baby Bonus.

His new book, Everyone’s An Artist (Or At Least They Should Be), hit store shelves in the fall of 2016.

How To Thrive in the Expression Economy

Low production costs, easy distribution, and suddenly, everyone’s a creator. Consumers can now fill their day with content dedicated to their hobbies, passions, and the things that interest them most. For business, that’s a problem.

Consumers used to vote with their wallets. Now, they vote with their time. And you know who’s winning the battle for time? Other consumers.

Right now, your customers are more creative than you are. They’re more innovative than you are. They’re more authentic than you are. Often, they’re even more helpful than you are.

In the battle for time, your competition isn’t the category leader–it’s the consumers. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product, pitching a new idea, or trying to get a raise, your biggest challenge is getting a customer to willingly give you the time to do it.

Ron Tite’s humorous and insightful talk helps people learn how to win other people’s time. Highlighting operational and personal innovation, authenticity, creativity, and more, Ron teaches individuals how to act like customers by being more interesting and thus, win more of their customer’s time.

Everyone's An Artist (Or At Least They Should Be)

It has been said that these days, everyone is an artist. Everyone’s a painter. Everyone’s a comedian. Everyone’s a fashion designer. Everyone’s a chef. Until they get to work.

Monday morning rolls around and the corporate herds put their game faces on and trudge off to do the same things with the same tools and the same people. For real inspiration, they read case studies of other businesses in their own category.

To truly make a difference, to truly innovate, to truly be creative, and to truly compete in the new economy, your team shouldn’t be learning from other business people. They should be learning from artists.

Artists are driven by something greater.
Artists show initiative.
Artists care about their work.
Artists challenge themselves.

Ron Tite’s humorous and insightful talk highlights what successful artists do, which organizations have implemented their thinking, and what individuals can do to be more artistic on a daily basis.

Live Up To The Line: Be The Brand. Live The Brand

Thanks to clutter in the marketplace, complex product and services choices, easy access to information and an army of citizen journalists waiting to broadcast their customer service experiences, it has never been more critical for an organizational brand to be perfectly and consistently aligned with the personal brands of the people within it. CEO? Receptionist? It doesn’t matter. Everyone has to be living up to the promise that the brand communicates.

Great brands are creative. So are great people.
Great brands are innovative. So are great people.
Great brands are driven by a higher purpose. So are great people.
Great brands are honest and transparent. So are great people.

Ron Tite’s talk not only presents what great brands are doing to be successful; it  illustrates how great people can do the same things to achieve personal success.

Where possible, Ron will customize this talk to examine the key brand pillars of your specific organization, and how every individual in the audience can internalize them.

You're A Brand. Don’t *!^#% It Up

Brand management isn’t just something that commerce students should learn.

Specifically crafted for post secondary audiences, Ron’s humorous talk prepares students from all faculties for life in the working world by showing them the power of the personal brand and how they can manage it to be successful over their entire careers.

Using both personal and organizational examples, Ron ensures they’ll walk away with all the tools and knowledge to live life in and out of school.

Your Stories Are More Powerful Than Your Data

Once upon a time, business was interesting. Then we discovered metrics and spreadsheets. Before you know it, the “left brainers” took over and we became a legion of data evangelists who let the numbers speak for themselves.

There’s only one problem. Numbers are boring as hell.

Data can help you make important decisions but it should never speak for you. The stories of your customers, the stories of your brand’s promise, the stories of your experiences, heck, even the stories of your stories are far more interesting than any graph or table.

Ron’s humorous and interesting talk will help you and your team how to collect, curate, tell, and share the stories you already have.


Here’s what you usually get in a business host:

  1. A comedian who is funny but doesn’t get the content.
  2. A business person who gets the content but who isn’t entertaining.

This is where RonTite is different. With close to 15 years performing, he can be funny. With over 15 years in advertising for a large number of different global clients, he understands the content.

With a commitment to preparation, Ron works with clients to establish threads between speakers, reinforce key topics, provide executive summaries/valuable lessons and keep the day moving in a fun and appropriate way.