Duncan Stewart


Duncan Stewart

Tech, Media and Telecom Trends Expert

Everybody needs to know what’s going to happen next. That’s true across all industries, but the areas of technology, media, and telecom seem to be changing faster than ever before. Duncan Stewart helps you get a head of the trends. A globally recognized expert on the forecasting of consumer and enterprise technology, media, and telecommunications trends (TMT), he also regularly presents on marketing, technology and consumer trends, as well as the longer term TMT outlook.

Duncan is a member of Deloitte’s national TMT executive team, and co-author of Deloitte Research’s annual Predictions Report on trends in TMT. He has 25 years of experience in the TMT industry. As an analyst and portfolio manager, he has provided research or made investments in the entire Canadian technology and telecommunications sector, and won the Canadian Technology Fund Manager of the Year award in its inaugural year. In his time as an investor, he deployed a cumulative $2 billion of capital into global TMT markets.

Duncan has a high profile media presence and is frequently interviewed on technology, media, and telecommunications issues. He has been a technology columnist for The Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, and The National Post.

He is a CFA charterholder and also holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.

Deloitte's 2017 TMT Predictions

Join Duncan Stewart as he looks at the top ten trends for 2017 and beyond that will have an impact on your business and your life.

Changes in technology, media, and telecommunications influence every industry, and Deloitte and Duncan have built a reputation as the most accurate forecasters in the world.

Each prediction is data driven, quantitative, and counter-consensus. Getting in front of these trends will allow you to improve your bottom line immediately.

His ten topics for 2017 cover the whole tech, media and telecom landscape:

1) Machine learning chips will now be found on our mobile devices, but also things like drones and robots. Your phone just grew a brain!

2) 5G wireless technology won’t be here in 2017, but 4.5G will, and that means much higher speeds, better connectivity for Internet of Things devices, and possibly lower prices.

3) Biometric technology is finally getting adopted: people have phones with fingerprint readers, and they are actually using them, which is new. The Holy Grail of authentication?

4) Cybersecurity is going to have another big year, as the number of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks grows, and the average attack gets bigger. Blame your webcam!

5) TV advertising is shockingly stable. Despite the usual “TV is dead” headlines, advertisers are paying for the fact that we still watch nearly 5 hours of TV per day. Even millennials spend 4 times as many minutes per day watching TV as they don on Facebook.

6) The cloud is at a tipping point: IT as a Service procurement is only 25% of spending in 2016, but will be a third by 2018, and 50% by 2022. Why buy, when you can rent?

7) Vinyl records are coming back. 2017 will be the seventh straight year of double digit growth. And it’s not only hipsters.

8) Losing your car in the parkade isn’t just a Seinfeld episode. Indoor mapping is coming fast, telling your smartphone where you need to go, even inside. And which floor!

​9) Automatic emergency braking is coming to a car near you. It’s not a full robot driver, but it scans the road ahead and brakes when you don’t: it never gets sleepy, never gets drunk, and never texts. And it will save lives in the tens of thousands per year.

10) Bad news for tablets: they are selling less, and people are using them less. Still big with kids, maybe we should think about tablets as “digital training wheels?”

As a bonus, Duncan will also preview one or two 2018 topics. As an example, do you avoid ads as much as possible? Ad blocker on the laptop? PVR and ad skip your regular TV? Rely on ad free video like Netflix? Change the radio station when a commercial comes on in the car? Pay extra money for ad free streaming music?

Maybe you are one of the millions of North Americans who are becoming #adlergic.

(Yes, Duncan invented that term. He’s hoping it catches on…)