Duncan Stewart

Tech, Media and Telecom Trends Expert

Everybody needs to know what’s going to happen next. That’s true across all industries, but the areas of technology, media, and telecom seem to be changing faster than ever before. Duncan Stewart helps you get a head of the trends. A globally recognized expert on the forecasting of consumer and enterprise technology, media, and telecommunications trends (TMT), he also regularly presents on marketing, technology and consumer trends, as well as the longer term TMT outlook.

Duncan is a member of Deloitte’s national TMT executive team, and co-author of Deloitte Research’s annual Predictions Report on trends in TMT. He has 28 years of experience in the TMT industry. As an analyst and portfolio manager, he has provided research or made investments in the entire Canadian technology and telecommunications sector, and won the Canadian Technology Fund Manager of the Year award in its inaugural year. In his time as an investor, he deployed a cumulative $2 billion of capital into global TMT markets.

Duncan has a high profile media presence and is frequently interviewed on technology, media, and telecommunications issues. He has been a technology columnist for The Globe and Mail, CBC Radio, and The National Post.

He is a CFA charterholder and also holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of British Columbia.

Deloitte’s 2018 Tech, Media & Telecom Predictions

Join Duncan Stewart as he looks at the top ten trends for 2018 and beyond that will have an impact on your business and your life.

Changes in technology, media, and telecommunications influence every industry, and Deloitte and Duncan have built a reputation as the most accurate forecasters in the world.

Each prediction is data driven, quantitative, and counter-consensus. Getting in front of these trends will allow you to improve your bottom line immediately.

His topics for 2018 cover the whole tech, media and telecom landscape:


  • The core of this year’s Predictions report is all about machine learning, the fastest growing part of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Duncan is predicting that the enterprise use of machine learning will double in 2018 over the year before, and double again by 2020. Accelerated by new kinds of chip hardware, as well as the removal of critical barriers, Duncan says that not only is this the most important topic for 2018, it may the most important he has EVER talked about! To quote an attendee at the Toronto Predictions launch “I had heard lots about machine learning before, but after hearing this morning’s speech, I finally feel like I really understand it.”


  • Augmented reality is having its breakout year, with over a billion people creating and sharing AR content. But how much of that is just adding puppy ears to selfies?


  • The smartphone of the future will look the same on the outside, with all the innovation occurring “under the hood.” But those invisible improvements come at a price, with more than 10% of phones selling for US$1,000 and up in 2018.


  • Speaking of smartphones…did you know Canadian millennials (18-34 years old) are more aware of their phone use than their parents, and are trying harder to cut back? Maybe avocado toast is the cure for smartphone addiction?


  • Turning to media, live is not dead! Globally, we will spend over US$545 billion on live entertainment in 2018. And for a bit of hype busting, things like live streaming and eSports are just 1.5% of the live pie.


  • Digital subscriptions are on the rise, with 680 million worldwide in 2018. 20% of Canadians have four or more digital subscriptions to music, video and news. Cord cutting isn’t a thing…cord STACKING is!


  • There are all kinds of ad blocking. Yes, it can be on a computer, but Canadians are also avoiding ads on radio, TV and smartphones. We call those who block more than half of all ads #adlergic. Cute name, but it is a growing percentage of Canadians, and they are mainly young, higher income, employed and with more education. That is an interesting and important demographic to be blocking ads…how do companies reach that audience? Hint: social, mobile, and billboards, for starters.


  • TV viewing trends for 2018: young people are watching less traditional TV, and older people are watching more. Not shocking, but the good news is that younger viewers show no sign of a tipping point collapse, while monetizing viewers who are 65+ is like “turning silver into gold.”


  • Not everybody in Canada has high speed wireline internet. In fact, 23% of us who have internet at home get ALL of it over our cellphones. Millions of Canadians (they tend to be rural, poorer or younger) are mobile only. When it comes to internet at home, they are “sipping through a straw and watching the meter.”


  • In flight Wi-Fi comes to more Canadian planes…not just cross continent, but even over the oceans too. Will higher speeds mean higher prices?


As a bonus, Duncan will also preview some possible 2019 topics. Let’s get the conversation started on smart speakers, blockchain and Bitcoin, and 5G wireless technologies that may offer better-than-fiber speeds through the air.