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Kate Davis: Using Humour to Connect with Ourselves and Others

Kate Davis: Using Humour to Connect with Ourselves and Others

Comedian Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humour in any situation. She brings creative solutions to audiences to help defuse frustrations both in the workplace and at home through the power of laughter, connectivity, and lightheartedness.

Kate stopped by our office to share insight into some of her new talks that touch on important messages for today’s world — mental health, resiliency, connection, and not taking oneself too seriously. No matter the subject, Kate is able to use her signature humour to get at heart of the matter and show how powerful laughter and humour is as a tool of personal and professional development.

Having suffered from depression herself, Kate draws on her experience to share how she went from depression to expression. She shows how humour and comedy helped her discover her self-worth, confidence, and the ability to fight the negativity in her own mind that kept her from living the life she deserved.

Taking a light-hearted approach to mental wellness, she shares important of taking chances, embracing failure, and building resiliency so that we know no matter what happens we’re going to be okay.

Kate also explores connection and how it’s lost its meaning a bit in today’s world, but not its importance. Connectivity is often used to refer to computers and technology today, when it’s actually an innate human ability and need.

There are over 200 million tweets posted everyday, Kate said, the equivalent of the entire harry potter series being published every seven seconds! While we’re addicted to our smartphones, Kate believes it actually shows how deep our desire for connection is, and how through connection we can build stronger relationships that lead to greater innovation, productivity, happiness, etc.

Lastly, Kate showed us the value of lightening up and learned to not take ourselves too seriously. By being able to laugh at ourselves, we open ourselves up to taking more risks, communicating more effectively, and making us more receptive to those around us.

Interested in learning more about Kate and what she can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].