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Debbie Travis: Designing Your Next Chapter

Debbie Travis: Designing Your Next Chapter

Debbie Travis had conquered television as the star and producer of several popular design shows, written several bestselling books, and created a branded product line that covered everything from home décor to wine — but she was struggling to figure out her next chapter.

She took a leap of faith announcing to a room of 1000+ people that she was going to start taking groups of women to her Italian villa to spend a week touring wineries and doing yoga in olive groves. She, of course, didn’t have an Italian villa at the time but the idea was a hit so she took a leap of faith and made it happen.

Now, Debbie runs a luxury boutique hotel in Tuscany — Villa Reniella — where she hosts girls’ getaways and corporate events. It was also the subject of her mini-series La Dolce Debbie, which followed her restoration of a 13th century Tuscan ruin.

Watch Debbie explain why she wanted to start a new chapter of her life and how she drummed up the courage to do so:

This journey was the catalyst behind Debbie’s new book Design Your New Chapter, where she shares the tools that transformed her life in hopes of helping others who may find themselves standing at a crossroads wondering “what’s next for me?”

While researching for her book, she learned that no one ever regretted taking a leap and making a big change — it may not be what they expected, but they never regret it.

Watch her explain her “dream it, do it, live it” philosophy:

A sought-after speaker, Debbie Travis’ innate ability to connect has made her an inspiration for people everywhere. She speaks to her trailblazing career and entrepreneurial success, and motivates her audiences to find their own personal joy.

Interested in learning more about Debbie and what she can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].

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