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Amb. Bruce Heyman: Which US Presidential Candidate Would be Better for Canada?

Amb. Bruce Heyman: Which US Presidential Candidate Would be Better for Canada?

As the former US Ambassador to Canada, Bruce Heyman has an insider’s scoop on Canada-US politics and relations. He stopped by our office to share some of his insight into today’s cross-border relationship and why Canadian media is — and should be — so consumed with the US election.

Canadians may be more influenced with what happens in America then Americans are, Bruce said. 75% of Canada’s exported product goes to the States. So our behaviours, he says, have great influence on the Canadian economy.

With the democratic primaries in full swing, Bruce stopped by our office ahead of “Super Tuesday” earlier this month to share insight into which candidate he believes would prove to be a more stabilizing presence for Canadians.

Certainly a leader with a more globalist approach is beneficial for Canadians, Bruce said. For example, Joe Biden loves Canada, he said. He understands Canada and his politcal career has emphasized international collaboration. With Sanders, he says, there is more unknowns and these unknowns are making people uneasy.

Watch the video below as Bruce goes into more more detail.

During US elections, Canadian news outlets are inundated with US news. This involves Canadians in the elections as much as possible for a non-US citizen to be, Bruce said. Canadians are, in general, are very well-informed, and should pay attention to the US elections as it impacts our economy so greatly.

Bruce served as the US Ambassador to Canada under President Barack Obama from 2014 until 2017. His leadership emphasized the importance of the Canada-US relationship and pushed for more collaboration and cross-border investment.

Having worked closely with both Americans and Canadians, Bruce also shared the fascinating differences he’s experienced between the two countries, which originate from our roots. While both born as a British colony, the US established itself out of rebellion. “We’re a rebel child,” he said. While Canada grew alongside Britain and are still very much apart of the commonwealth today.

Personalities and societies developed as a result of this, and reinforce the ways in which our countries were founded, Bruce said.

See more in the video below.

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