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Amb. Bruce Heyman on the US Democratic Primary and Coronavirus       

Amb. Bruce Heyman on the US Democratic Primary and Coronavirus       

Super Tuesday is upon us and US politics is buzzing with 14 states voting today in the democratic primary to determine who will run against President Donald Trump in the 2020 US presidential election. Bruce Heyman, the former US Ambassador to Canada under President Barack Obama, has been making his rounds across the media sharing his insider’s perspective to what we can expect unfold.

In an interview on CTV’s Power Play with Evan Soloman, the ambassador gave his prediction as to which candidate is favoured per state, and why we could be surprised by today’s election results.

“Democratic strong hold states, that’s where Bernie’s strong,” said Bruce. “More republican-strong hold states, that’s where Biden’s strong.”

Start watching Bruce’s segment at 5:26.

Bruce also joined Breakfast Television to further break down what we can expect on the first big day of the democratic primary. It’s essentially down to four candidates, with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in the lead, he said. Today’s vote will determine the true leaders moving forward.

“The young are going for Sanders, the older are going for Biden… This is the battle you are going to see today.”

Bruce also joined BNN Bloomberg to share his perspective on the coronavirus and its projected impact on across North America, socially and economically. Calling it a serious issue, he implored government officials to have honesty and integrity in it’s reporting so we can adapt our behaviour appropriately and collaborate to best address the issue.

“We should just assume it’s spreading at this point in time. So now, how do we deal with it under a spread environment. If things are happening as they are in South Korea, in Italy, in Iran, and the fear is developed, that’s the hard part in our society, when fear breaks out. And we need to have the confidence in our leaders to calm the fear down. But when they don’t tell us the truth or make fun of it or belittle it, we have a problem.”

New to our roster in 2019, Amb. Bruce Heyman served as the US Ambassador to Canada for three years. His leadership emphasized the importance of the Canada-US relationship and pushed for more collaboration and cross-border investments. He draws on his diplomatic background to share insights into international relations and the art of diplomacy.

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