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Shane Feldman: Wellness Through Community Building

Shane Feldman: Wellness Through Community Building

Shane Feldman believes relationships are the key to success. As a renowned community builder, he helps leaders and organizations learn how to create more authentic connections with colleagues and customers to see greater engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

The founder and CEO of Count Me In, the world’s largest millennial-led movement, joined us inside our boardroom to share lessons he’s learned from around the world on community and community-building — from living in a remote village in Ghana to dancing with 100 million people across China.

Shane uses these experiences to help leaders and organizations from across North America enhance their company culture through simple community building strategies. Leading with a community mindset can often result in higher employee engagement, productivity, and customer retention.

In France, I realized nobody was walking around eating or drinking anything, which again sounds… 80% of meals are eaten together in France. It’s seen as a communal activity.

Here, we’re so used to the single serving, which actually removes us from our environment, but something as simple as sitting together and eating with the team can make a huge impact, and there are now stats that prove that eating with your team increases positive communication, better collaboration, better rapport with your colleagues.

I was speaking at Google and they have now made it part of employee’s daily lives. If you talk to anyone who works at Google they will tell you that part of their job is eating with their colleagues.

Hear more from Shane in the video below:

Shane Feldman’s reputation as a speaker is built on his energetic approach, skilled storytelling, and his capacity to both inspire audiences and offer tangible strategies they can implement right away to activate their leadership and cultivate meaningful connections.

He has worked with some of the world’s most dynamic companies, including Google, Microsoft, and The Walt Disney Company.

Interested in learning more about Shane and what he can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].

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