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Start a Conversation: Diversity and Social Justice on Campus

Start a Conversation: Diversity and Social Justice on Campus

Start a conversation about diversity and social justice with any of these speakers to make a difference on your campus, in your community, and in the world.


Clint Smith believes we all share a story–the human story. His celebrated TED Talks, The Danger of Silence and How to Raise a Black Son in America,have been viewed more than four million times. Using his experience as an award-winning teacher and poet, Clint illuminates how we can all find the courage to create change, overcome challenges, and unite ourselves using the power of the collective voice.



From living in a tent in a Syrian refugee camp to working as radish farmers and surviving on only one dollar a day in Guatemala, Chris Temple and Zach Ingrasci raise awareness and inspire action around pressing global issues. Together, they demystify many of the world’s most complex matters to leave audiences empowered to make a difference.



Is protest broken? Micah White, the co-creator of Occupy Wall Street and the author of The End of Protest, thinks so. Recent years have witnessed the largest protests in human history, yet these mass mobilizations no longer change society. A lifelong social activist, Micah takes audiences through the next movements that are destined to inspire the next generation of global actions.