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At The Spotlight: With Mitch Joel

At The Spotlight: With Mitch Joel

Social Media, Digital Marketing and Personal Branding Expert Mitch Joel paid a visit to Speakers’ Spotlight yesterday to talk about his new book, Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends On It.

Quickly climbing the charts on the way to bestseller status, Ctrl Alt Delete outlines what you need to know to adapt to the new marketing landscape, both in business and in your career. In the video above, Mitch explains why he wrote the book and why people need to pay attention to the changes in business and career development that are here to stay.

In his presentation–entitled “What The Five”–Mitch discussed the five fundamental changes that have transformed the way successful businesses market over the past half-decade, and how in spite of this new reality, many companies are still resistant to adapting:

Later, he spoke about the fight businesses have to own the direct relationship with their consumers, and how the battle is no longer with their competitors, but with their business partners:

As one guest put it, the sign of a great speaker is when the “audience leaves feeling smarter.” Through his dynamic, informative, and always entertaining presentation, Mitch left people feeling prepared to tackle the often confusing and rapidly changing marketing landscape with confidence.