Mark Bowden

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Mark Bowden

Communication Expert | Performance Trainer

Today’s executives need to do more than simply succeed: they need to stand out. Communications expert Mark Bowden explains how to use persuasive communication skills to set yourself apart, win trust, and generate profit. His trademark techniques are used by top leaders and political players around the world who want to gain an advantage—beyond words—when they speak.

Bowden received a university degree in performance in the UK, and studied the gesture-control methods of Jacques Lecoq’s Laboratory of Movement in Paris. He then went on to work with leading practitioners of movement psychology, building upon the influence techniques of Dr. Milton Erickson. Bowden is on the faculty of the International Masters of Health Leadership at McGill University, and on the faculty as the business presentation trainer for The Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA, ranked #1 in the world by The Economist.

Bowden has a reputation for being one of the world’s expert performance trainers, and he is highly sought after for his business-presentation acumen. His client list also includes leading business people, teams, and politicians—from presidents and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to prime ministers of G8 powers. Some of his recent clients include RBC, TD, Amex, Scotiabank, Unilever, EDF, Zurich Insurance, Munich Re, AVIVA, Microsoft, Gartner, Google, Toyota, VW, Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Viacom, WPP, The BBC, ITV, Walmart, Nestle, Disney, Canadian Medical Association, Roche, GSK, Teva, Novo Nordisk, and PPG.

Bowden delivered a much-watched TEDx Talk in Toronto in September, 2013, and is the body language expert and regular guest on CTV’s The Social. His bestselling body-language book, Winning Body Language, has been translated into five languages and sold around the world.

Winning Body Language to Stand Out, Win Trust and Gain Credibility

Superior communication skills are key to success, and no one enlightens and empowers others with these skills more effectively than Mark Bowden. In this energetic, interactive and compelling keynote, you will learn the techniques to inspire, motivate & have people remember you!

Mark takes the audience on an exciting journey to understand how “It’s not often what you say – but how you say it that gets results!”

Mark, renowned trainer to Fortune 500 CEOs and G8 political leaders, demonstrates how perceptions can be completely altered by a simple gesture or action. He trains the audience, just as he does his elite clients worldwide, in simple yet effective techniques to create the ideal communication in the most crucial situations – invaluable for life and business.

Mark gives you tools to confidently convey a powerful leadership and executive presence through world class communication skills that capitalize on instinctual processes of the brain, winning your listeners over to your message. Mark puts the focus on: winning trust, building credibitly, inspiring action and eliminating what gets in the way to produce a communication style that is transparent, courageous, compelling, persuasive, influential and conversational.

Winning Body Language For Sales Professionals: Stand Out, Win Trust and Sell!

Superior communication skills are a key to success and no one enlightens and empowers others with these skills more effectively than Mark Bowden. In this highly entertaining and interactive keynote, you will learn the techniques that inspire, motivate & help clients to trust your message and buy from you!

Have you noticed the most effective sales people don’t really seem as though they are making any effort at all to win you over? They are natural, likeable, clear and consultative. They find out about your needs by asking intelligent questions and offering solutions that feel good.

In this presentation, sales professionals will learn valuable tools to more effectively build lasting relationships, win and hold onto trust, gain credibility, become more consultative to their clients, and extend their skills of persuasion and influence.

Mark brings to this talk the world class nonverbal skills and techniques that add impact, power and presence to sales communication. You will learn the most influential psychological triggers and how to best implement them when presenting.


Optimizing Workplace and Client Relationships - “Tame The Primitive Brain”

The most insidious barrier to a happy productive workplace in any organization is dealing with EACH OTHER!

Communication guru Mark Bowden offers a practical way of understanding, appreciating and managing the behaviours and actions of others.

Mark brings the fastest and most effective way to understand why someone acts towards you the way they do; why you react the way you do; and most importantly, how to actively respond to achieve the best outcomes.

This session examines the way in which our primitive or “reptilian” brain is responsible for the majority of workplace decisions, relationships and ultimately, behavior. As we link the principles of Evolutionary Psychology to workplace relationships and performance, Mark teaches us the most accessible tools to win trust and gain credibility with colleagues, within teams, and also with clients.

We examine how and why people make snap judgments about us and “default to the negative”, and how to best use nonverbal communication to stop this from happening. We look at why we are drawn to some people and repelled by others, and how to always get into the “friend” category in our daily interactions. We learn how to convert those who are “indifferent” to us, our services and our products, into our very best customers.

Gain new and fresh perspectives on how to deal with other people’s behaviors so as to: manage those around you at any level in an organization; turn any potential conflict into a positive outcome; bring teams together in a shared understanding; and learn the evolutionary behavioral theory and neuroscientific evidence for human behavior that underpins all of these key relationships.

The Body Language Of Listening: Win Trust with a New Way to Listen

In this dynamic and interactive session Mark Bowden quickly introduces you to the new ways of building your listening skills so you can be more successful on the job, in your work relationships and realize your leadership potential.

Listening holds such importance in our working lives, subscribers to the Harvard Business Review rated the ability to communicate and be a good listener “the most important attribute in making an executive promotable” – above ambition, education and hard work!

The majority of listening training available focuses on the ability to recall and playback linguistic data in order to show listening. Yet science tells us that this ability is not seen as an indicator of real listening or indeed is real listening.

Mark Bowden shows how the silent language of your body can reveal how you can meaningfully listen, encourage engagement, win trust and gain credibility.


The Power of Being "Inauthentic"

With so many people competing on the planet right now, how will YOU ever get noticed, and get what you want and need?

In this highly entertaining talk, created originally for TEDx Toronto, Mark will help you understand how being your “authentic” self may actually be steering you away from building and strengthening those relationships that could ultimately help you realize your desires and greater potential.

In his provocative keynote speech, Mark suggests that our primitive brain, responsible for making snap judgments, is actually directing us away from profitable and beneficial relationships both personally and in business. Though our primitive brain provides us a useful survival mechanism, keeping us feeling comfortable and safe, it can also be what’s standing between us and our full potential.

Mark brings you the tools to question assumptions that your primitive brain makes to help you “survive.” He’ll examine how we all judge everyone around us unconsciously (and are judged in turn) and by this miss out on some great opportunities; and he’ll give techniques to help you become more adaptable or “inauthentic” in your behavior whilst winning further trust and gaining credibilty , and so get you closer to your bigger goals.

Compelling Communication for Leadership

Duration: Half and Full Day

Target Audience: Leaders, Managers, Business Professionals, Sales Professionals

As a leader, there is no getting around it: your job calls for presenting and public speaking under extreme pressure. What your listeners think of your ideas, plans, and your entire organization is affected by how they react to you as a leader when you communicate.

Never underestimate the crucial role your presentation skills and style play in your success. This fast-paced practical workshop teaches and demonstrates powerful leadership presence through world class communication skills focusing on: creating trust, inspiring action and eliminating what gets in the way of all that to produce a leadership communication style that is transparent, courageous, compelling, persuasive, influential and conversational.

Speak and Win Business – Confidently Turn Communication Into Clients

Duration: Half and Full Day

Target Audience: Leaders, Managers, Business Professionals, Sales Professionals

Speaking in public, via the media or by directly presenting to prospective clients is a powerful way to build your business. It raises the profile of your company, generates new leads, and when executed with a confident presence and structure the content actually wins new business on the spot. Still, even experienced presenters fear failure and in turn may fail to capitalize upon the business opportunities presented to them. Wouldn’t it be useful to know how to instantly stand out, be heard and win the trust of potential new clients across any platform using highly persuasive and influential content structures, verbal and non-verbal language, in any situation? Could you benefit also from knowing the fastest and most effective way to write and give a presentation that makes a profitable impact and brings in new business every time you speak?

This dynamic practical training workshop will enable you to quickly look, sound and be at your most confident every time you speak; always stand out and be remembered as totally credible, highly influential and utterly trustworthy; and be successful at building business and profit by getting the results and benefits you need and for which you can confidently ask at every opportunity your message is delivered.

Presentation Genius

It’s not one big thing that makes the difference between an OK training program and one that rocks people’s worlds. It’s hundreds of small things, small acts of mastery that accumulate to create a program that has just the impact you want.

Michael Bungay Stainer and Mark Bowden studied what separated out the masters from the masses. What were the small but powerful actions we could take that removed resistance and increased engagement and insight in any program, no matter what the content?

They set out to find the elements of a genius presentation, and the reason they’ve been called “The McGyver’s of Facilitation” is because they’ve used those principles to build programs that are irresistible, and are able to deliver them in a way that is utterly compelling.

The tactics and tools of Presentation Genius aren’t magic. To implement them you don’t have to have, as they do, more than fifty years combined experience in front of a room.

They are, however, practical and sometimes counter-intuitive strategies that will revolutionize the design and experience of the programs you create and lead.

The New Standard In Online Training

  • Created with the highest production values, Presentation Genius is 23 modules of extraordinary online training, each 15-20 minutes long.
  • Accessible through your computer, laptop, phone or even your XBox, you’ll be able to chart your own course through content that will help you:
    • Prepare a full presentation or workshop in minutes
    • Make the very most of your most under-utilized asset: the physical space
    • Use the primacy and recency effect to full advantage, so people remember the best of your session
    • Understand the four neurological drivers of engagement, and how you can make them part of every moment of your training
    • Persuade with power and speak with conviction by using your body language to convince
    • Uncover key ways to control your nerves
    • Engage and interact with your audience with confidence—including handling difficult questions and difficult clients during your sessions

Genius Sales Presentations

Does your team make lots of presentations but fail to close the deal? Sales Presentation Genius training will give them the cutting edge communication skills they need when they need them, and help them win the business.

Even though sales people know they need to add value when they present, they start pitching immediately, and start to sell the virtues of their product or service when the customer is often better informed than they are! As a sales professional, you know that things have changed. Your current and prospective clients don’t want a sales person to just pitch at them; they want to be engaged, educated, and helped with their business, for you to be seen as a trusted advisor and win the right to sell to them.

It’s no good even being an average presenter anymore to be a sales leader. The best sales professionals are great facilitators who can run totally valuable meetings and even workshops in order to win customers. Every member of your sales team needs to be a Presentation Genius!

This online training is great for teams of sales executives and account managers who present products or pitch products and services to prospective clients. This is an excellent training program for your core team of salespeople—particularly if they are falling down at this crucial stage of the sale.

  • Move your audiences to action—be clear and persuasive;
  • Learn how to build and deliver compelling and persuasive presentations that move clients to “Yes!” and win more deals;
  • Understand the science of engagement to hook people immediately;
  • Persuade with power and speak with conviction by using your body language to convince;
  • Uncover key ways to control your nerves;
  • Learn to prepare a full presentation or workshop in minutes;
  • Engage and interact with your audience with confidence—includes handling difficult questions and difficult clients during your presentations;
  • Learn how to use PowerPoint to your advantage, and the role of leave-behind documents;
  • Increase your impact and earn the recognition you deserve; and
  • Earn decisions in your favour with strong, persuasive presentations.