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February Reads: Getting Big Things Done and the Secrets Behind Entrepreneurial Success

February Reads: Getting Big Things Done and the Secrets Behind Entrepreneurial Success

February brings us two new compelling books that share the secrets behind accomplishing big things and what it really takes to be a founder.

We’re big readers here at Speakers Spotlight so check out what we’re reading this month, with new books from three-time bestselling author Dan Gardner and a debut book from founder and entrepreneur, Marc Lafleur.

How Big Things Get Done by Dan Gardner

Dan Gardner and his new book, How Big Things Get Done

Nothing is more inspiring than a big vision that becomes a triumphant, new reality. Think of how the Empire State Building went from a sketch to the jewel of New York’s skyline in 21 months, or how Apple’s iPod went from a project with a single employee to a product launch in 11 months.

While these are wonderful stories, most of the time big visions turn into big nightmares. No less than 92% of megaprojects come in over budget or over schedule, or both. What’s worse is that these projects aren’t merely at risk of being a little off; catastrophic failure is frighteningly common. Even modest endeavours like home renovations, organizing a conference, and just finishing a work project on time can commonly fail. Why?

How Big Things Get Done has the answers. Co-authors Dan Gardner and Ben Flyvbjerg identify the errors in judgment and decision-making that lead projects, both big and small, to fail, and the research-based principles that will help you succeed with yours. Full of vivid examples, they share the secrets to successfully planning and delivering projects on any scale — from home renovation to space exploration.

Dan shares insight from his new book in his new keynote offering “Getting Big Things Done On Budget And On Time”. Contact us to learn more.

True Founder by Marc Lafleur

Marc Lafleur and his book, True Founder

While some people think being a founder is glamorous, Marc Lafleur breaks through that misconception, sharing his entrepreneurial story in all its glamour-less glory.   

Marc has built three businesses from the ground up, giving him a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed (and fail) as a founder and entrepreneur. After two failed startups, Marc co-founded truLOCAL in 2016, where he built it into a team of 60+ people, expanded across Canada and the US, and successfully led its $16.7 million acquisition — all within five years.

Complete with Marc’s hard-earned learnings and humiliating mistakes, True Founder is a roadmap for first-time founders, full of unconventional tips and advice that no one else has the guts to teach you about starting your first business.  

It doesn’t take someone special to succeed in business, Marc says. It takes the right mindset, becoming self-aware, and the dedication to put your success and goals above everything else. And, as any honest founder would say, a little bit of luck.

Six months after co-founding his first startup, Marc accidentally deleted all of his instant messaging app’s users. That was the end of his first startup.

Marc shares the highs and lows of entrepreneurship in his keynote “Are You Sure You Want to Delete”. Contact us to learn more about Marc and what he can bring to your event as an in-demand speaker on entrepreneurship and leadership.