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What We’re Reading: New October Reads

What We’re Reading: New October Reads

October brings us three new incredible reads that take us from a zinc-roofed shack in Jamaica to Dragons’ Den, from the Super Bowl to the medical frontlines, and from burnout to recovery.

See what we’re reading this month with the release of new books from “Dragon” Wes Hall, Super Bowl champion Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, and burnout prevention expert Dr. Susan Biali Haas.

No Bootstraps When You’re Barefoot by Wes Hall

Available October 4

Wes HallOne of Canada’s most successful business leaders and the first Black Dragon, Wes Hall shares his incredible rags-to-riches story as well as a profound message of hope and change in his new memoir, No Bootstraps When You’re Barefoot.

Wes spent his early childhood in a zinc-roofed shack as one of several children supported by his grandmother. This was paradise, he says, compared to the two years he lived with his verbally abusive and violent mother. At 13, his mother threw him out of the house; at 16, he moved to Canada, sponsored by a father he’d only seen a few times as a child; and by 18, he had left his father’s home finding himself, once again, on his own.

From his difficult beginnings, Wes went on to become a major entrepreneur, business leader, philanthropist, and change-maker. He worked his way up from a humble position in a law firm mailroom to the boardrooms of Bay Street by way of his intelligence, curiosity, and ability to see opportunities that other people don’t.

Despite being well aware of the many roadblocks on his way to success, including racism, injustice, and his lack of privilege, Wes always believed that he could walk along any cliff edge without falling. His new book explores how he fostered this resolve throughout his childhood and the milestone successes and failures of his career. He also reveals not only how he stopped himself from falling but learned to thrive in a system set against him, and how he has dedicated himself to bringing his family and his community along with him.

Red Zone: From the Offensive Line to the Front Line of the Pandemic by Laurent Duvernay-Tardif

Available October 18

In July 2020, Laurent Duvernay-Tardif sent shockwaves through the sports world when he became the first NFL player to opt out of the upcoming season during the global pandemic.

As plans for the 2020 NFL season ramped up and daily cases of COVID-19 continued to skyrocket, Laurent, a fixture on the offensive line of the Kansas City Chiefs, stepped away from the game he loved to join the medical frontlines.

In addition to being a professional footballer, Laurent is a medical school graduate. For the first time in his remarkable career, Laurent couldn’t reconcile his twin passions of football and medicine as continuing to play — and potentially spreading the virus — was antithetical to everything he believed in. With his team’s Super Bowl win only months behind him, he found himself working in a long-term care facility in Quebec.

From the incredible highs of winning the Super Bowl to the burnout of working as an orderly, Red Zone takes readers inside Laurent’s life sharing his remarkable and inspirational journey to becoming one of the most fascinating and accomplished people in professional sports.

The Resilient Life by Susan Biali Haas

Available October 25

Dr. Susan Biali HaasThe world is experiencing unprecedented levels of burnout, stress, and mental health challenges, and with those come the inevitable fallout — poorer health, chronic exhaustion, strained relationships, and decreased satisfaction and performance at work.

An award-winning medical doctor, Dr. Susan Biali Haas‘ latest book shows readers how to identify, address, and protect themselves from burnout. She explores neuroscience-based techniques that can “rewire” your brain to reduce stress hormones, decrease anxiety, and help restore a sense of calm and control so you can reconnect with what matters most in your life.

Filled with easy-to-apply tips, practical wisdom, and stories from Susan’s life (and the lives of her clients), The Resilient Life helps readers break free from overwhelm, get unstuck, and move forward with renewed clarity, energy, well-being, and purpose.

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