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Leadership Expert’s New Book and Keynote Explores How to Lead in a Polarized World

Leadership Expert’s New Book and Keynote Explores How to Lead in a Polarized World

Leaders today are often in a tug-of-war — facing competing demands that make moving forward feel like an uphill battle against broken systems, impossible demands, and unreasonable people. In his new book and corresponding keynote, Lead with AND, leadership expert Tim Arnold provides leaders with the solution needed to succeed in today’s new world of work.

Already the bestselling author of The Power of Healthy Tension, Tim’s new book and talk outlines his paradigm-shifting approach to help progressive leaders transform their workplace. He draws on his 20+ years of experience helping organizations unite teams, spark change, and get unstuck drawing on real-life examples. His past clients have included The United Nations, Citibank, KPMG, Toyota, and Siemens.

The secret, Tim says, is to move beyond the traditional “Either/Or” approach to solving problems and embrace the transformational power of “Both/And” thinking. When leaders can successfully leverage six common leadership tensions, they will break through to a new level of resilience and results. These tensions are:

  1. Become optimistic AND realistic.
  2. Embrace change AND preserve stability.
  3. Become profit focused AND purpose driven.
  4. Have expectations AND extend grace.
  5. Care for others AND care for yourself.
  6. Become confident AND remain humble.

Tim shares examples of how leaders around the world who have the courage to lead with “AND” are able to rise above polarity, division, and conflicting values to build cohesive, resilient teams with lasting results and impact.

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