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The Future of Good: Key Business Trends for Long-Term Success

The Future of Good: Key Business Trends for Long-Term Success

There are tectonic shifts happening in business right now — is your organization ready for this new future?

Afdhel Aziz and Bobby Jones are leaders in the worldwide movement of conscious capitalism. As the co-founders of Conspiracy of Love — a global purpose consultancy that works with Fortune 500 companies — they’ve teamed up with trends forecaster, Lucie Greene, to create the essential toolkit to build future-ready organizations, no matter the industry.

The Future of Good report, authored by Afdhel, Bobby, and Lucie, is an in-depth exploration of key emerging trends that will shape tomorrow, and how brands can leverage them today.

In an exclusive, new, customizable keynote offering, Afdhel and Bobby draw from their extensive report, which explores six macro-themes and 43 emerging trends, to equip audiences with relevant insights and lessons to future-proof their brands and/or businesses.

The Three Tectonic Shifts in Business

The Future of Good report was influenced by the three tectonic shifts affecting businesses today that both Afdhel and Bobby have seen in action. These are:

  1. The rise of conscious consumers: Today’s consumers are more likely to purchase from brands with a purpose that align with their values and the values of the world.
  2. The rise of activist employees: 85% of Gen Z employees believe companies have an obligation to help social problems and 64% of millennial employees have reported not taking a job if a company doesn’t have a corporate social responsibility practice.
  3. The rise of impact investors, who see profits and purpose as inextricably linked.

Some of the best companies and brands in the world today have purpose in common. The goal of this report is to help organizations learn from their peers and become driving forces in building a better future, while also future-proof their operations to meet the needs and demands of today’s workforce and consumers.

In an article with Entrepreneur, Bobby said:

We look at the future of business and culture through these six macro themes, which include civic and society, radical inclusivity, universal wellbeing, sustainable futures, community connections, good culture, as well as moonshots. And through those lenses, we begin to paint a picture of what the future is going to look like and how purpose and business and culture is going to shape those things. What businesses and business leaders can do about that. And what are the implications of these trends that they could begin to adapt in the way that they operate and create in the way that they lead in the way that they work with purpose within their organizations.

Future-Proof Your Organization with Bobby and Afdhel

Are you keen to understand key trends in sustainable and purpose-driven business, and how the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic changed consumer expectations in the context of sustainability?

Both renowned international speakers, Bobby and Afdhel’s draw from their report to share emerging trends, supported by research and statistics; case studies from game-changing brands and visionaries; and inspiration from moonshot innovators tackling today’s biggest problems to help audiences transform their organizations into forces for good, and, as a result, see long-term success and growth.

As Afdhel and Bobby say, “good business is the future of business”, and their visionary presentation inspires their audiences to dream bigger and empowers them to take action.

Key impact areas covered in the report include sustainability, diversity and inclusion, wellness, mental health, social justice, climate change, and more, with examples from a breadth of industries including tech, retail, media, banking, gaming, beauty, food, consumer goods, travel and hospitality, fashion, entertainment, automotive, and more.

This keynote is presented by either Bobby or Afdhel, both experts in sustainability, alongside Lucie Greene, who is an expert on forecasting trends. They customize the content to make it relevant to their audience, sharing trends and case studies that directly impact their organization. Follow-up workshops are available to help audiences apply and put into practice the trends and learnings from the keynote.

Learn more about the report in the video below:

Afdhel Aziz is one of the most inspiring leaders in the global movement of business as a force for good. As the co-founder and chief purpose officer at the global purpose consultancy, Conspiracy of Love, he works with Fortune 500 companies to lead, work, and create with purpose.

Bobby Jones is one of the most influential voices in the worldwide movement of conscious capitalism. As the co-founder of the purpose consultancy, Conspiracy of Love, Jones seeks to connect and serve a global community of purpose-driven organizations and leaders.

Lucie Greene is a forecaster, strategist, and award-winning author specializing in cultural trends, consumer insight, and brand innovation. As the founder of Light Years Consulting, she works with global consumer and B2B brands on strategy, research, and innovation.

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