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2022 Planning: Mental Health, Black History Month, Olympics, IWD, and More!

2022 Planning: Mental Health, Black History Month, Olympics, IWD, and More!

Happy New Year! As you break open that crisp new agenda, hang that brand new calendar, and put your 2022 hat on, also check out our planning blogs to help kick-start your new year of event planning.

We explored some of the main topics our clients request at the beginning of each year, highlighting some of our most recommended and popular keynote speakers.


Mental Health and Wellness

In a month synonymous with Blue Monday, Bell Lets’ Talk Day, and new year’s resolutions, it’s no surprise that some of our most requested topics in January centre around mental health and wellness.

From sharing their personal journeys and expertise, our speakers seek to break the stigma and provide support and strategies for those struggling with their mental health, burnout, and general wellness.


Black History Month

In February, our clients are often looking for speakers who would be a good fit for their events celebrating Black History Month.

Meet some of our social justice and anti-racism leaders who share their personal stories and insight into the Black experience to leave audiences feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to make change.

2022 Beijing Olympics

While it seems like our Summer Olympians just returned from Tokyo, our Winter Olympians will soon be heading to Beijing to complete in the 2022 winter Olympics.

Meet some of our Winter Olympian speakers and peak performance coaches who inspire audiences with their incredible stories and lessons on teamwork, pressure, leadership, and more.


International Women’s Day

March 8 marks International Women’s Day in 2022 — a global celebration to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women across the world.

We’re often asked for recommendations on our top female speakers around this time so we created a list that list some of the most requested topics and motivational speakers.

Contact us for more information and for help in planning your next event.

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