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You Might Have Superpowers, You Got Through 2016

You Might Have Superpowers, You Got Through 2016

With infectious enthusiasm, heartfelt authenticity, and a “what works” authority, Neil Pasricha draws on the latest research in happiness to increase individual performance and create a more positive and productive workplace. As we finish up the first week of a brand new year, Pasricha shares some thoughts on 2016 and how we can all move forward in a positive direction:

Let’s take a break from research, models, studies and books. Let’s just take a look into our hearts.

Yes, yes.

I write about happiness.

But let’s all get together today and face facts.

That was simply one tough year.

So I say we stop for a second to shake our heads, dust ourselves off, and just look back at how far we’ve come. Let’s take a break from research, models, studies and books. Let’s just take a look into our hearts.

Looking back at 2016, I’m sure some crushing lows slapped you and smacked you around. There were times your heart dipped and you squinted back tears while your stomach squeezed so tightly you couldn’t sleep. There were moments you walked around in a glossy-eyeball daze — when election results hurt, friends didn’t stay, or loved ones dear to your heart slowly drifted away.

Sleepless nights, stressful nights, with teething babies, bickering boyfriends, or blank computer screens. You were feeling and you were dealing and you were reeling and you were healing.

But as you walked down your long and bumpy road some little drops of confidence dripped like coffee into your head and into your heart. As you stumbled and got back up a quiet inner strength slowly seeped into your bones. And as you climbed over obstacles set in your way there was some quiet satisfaction and self-understanding growing and glimmering like tiny bright lights in the pit of your stomach.

Yes, this past year changed you and grew you in so many ways you can’t even feel or fully realize yet. As you struggled you empathized, as you slipped you understood, as you worked you earned, as you looked you learned, as you dared you grew, and as you jumped you flew.

Your dreams are still focusing and your passion is growing.

Your energy is still bubbling and your story keeps going.

You’ve been through so much and gained a year’s supply of experience along the way. You’re stronger than you were last year and stronger than you realize. Sure, there were times you bent, but you definitely didn’t break. There were times you caved, but you definitely didn’t flake.

Listen up: you got bigger, you got better and you got the scars to prove it.

So stop, let’s just stop for a second today to smile and look back at everyone you’ve touched last year, everything you’ve seen and everywhere you’ve been.

You’ve taken more afternoon naps and had more blurry-eyed late nights. You’ve danced to more wedding songs and smiled at more beautiful sights. You’ve seen more scorching sunsets and heard more head-bopping songs. You’ve tripped a few times sure, but you kept rolling right along.

Yes, you’ve hugged more old friends and kissed some brand new pretty faces. You’ve cheered more on the sidelines and #nofiltered some brand new pretty places. You cooked more meals, you got more deals, you took lots more hot showers. And you made it all the way through last year because you just might have super powers.

Ring the big bells and bring on 2017!

We’re on a pretty short trip and just so, so lucky to be here.

Happy new year, everyone.

By Neil Pasricha /