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Staff Spotlight On: Meghan Nelson, Senior Event Coordinator, Celebrity Division

Staff Spotlight On: Meghan Nelson, Senior Event Coordinator, Celebrity Division

Meghan Nelson, Speakers’ Spotlight’s Senior Event Coordinator in our Celebrity Division, spent several years on the west coast of Canada working in tourism prior to attending Capilano University for Arts & Entertainment Management. After moving to Toronto, she started working in the music and events industry. Meghan loves being a part of the Speakers’ Spotlight team, and working with clients and speakers to help create memorable events. When she is not at work, Meghan can be found hanging with her dog Jimmy, biking around the city, eating delicious food with friends or planning her next travel adventure. We’re thrilled to shine our Staff Spotlight on Meghan today:

Did you always want to work in the speaking industry? If not, what other careers did you consider?.

No, I really didn’t know anything about the speaking industry. I started out working in Whistler at various adventure tourism jobs and living the life as a ski bum. I contemplated trying my hand in make up for film and television before I eventually ended up pursuing a career in the music industry, with the end goal of working in artist management.

Plans changed. I ended up working at a music booking agency for a while, where I was introduced to the speaking industry as the two overlap at times. A friend introduced me to Speakers’ Spotlight and I applied for a job but really had no idea what I getting into. Flash forward 5+ years and I have never looked back!

Any advice for people getting started in the industry?

Work hard, get out and see as many different speakers as you can, when you can, and have fun!

What is your favourite thing about working with our speakers?  With clients?

I love meeting all of the amazing, creative, and talented speakers from so many different areas of expertise. Not too many of my friends (outside of work) get to talk to an astronaut one day and an Olympic athlete the next. It’s pretty exciting.

It’s very rewarding to work with clients on their big events and to help ensure that everything runs smoothly for them. It’s nice to know that I can play even a little part in helping make their events a success.

Best subject in school?  


Which Canadian city is your favourite?

Toronto, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Vancouver.

Desert island album?  

I am a huge music lover and this is an impossible question.

Last book you read? 

Stephen King, Pet Sematary.

Last film you saw? 

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Henry Cavill. Need I say more?

Favourite Podcast

Sickboy Podcast. It’s a very hilarious, light hearted (usually) and candid conversation on what it’s like living with a disease or illness. Very much worth a listen.

What speaker(s) alive, or who have already passed away, would you love to hear speak?

Sir Edmund Hillary. I really enjoy a great adventure story and he certainly had one of greatest adventure stories of them all.