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Use Body Language To Find Love

Use Body Language To Find Love

Want to show someone you’re interested this Valentine’s Day? Communication and Body Language Expert Mark Bowden shared his tips for finding love with the hosts of CTV’s The Social. See the captions below and watch the video here.

Use the FLIRTING GAZE. Look, then look away, but do it slowly. Next, take the long route. Make sure when you look away your neck is exposed, as both exposing your neck and playing with your hair will draw attention to you. Also, don’t give up – it takes on average seven “flirt gazes” before a man realizes a woman is actually trying to get his attention.



Focus on PROXIMITY and get within three feet to six inches of the person, which is considered “intimate distance.”


PALM CONTACT is also a good way to express interest. Use the palm and not the finger, though. Poking someone causes a “retreat response,” which is not what you’re looking for.


SMILE. But not just any smile – go for the Duchenne smile, which involves smiling with your eyes so little wrinkles appear. It’s the most genuine smile you can give.