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Amber Mac Launches New Podcast

Amber Mac Launches New Podcast

Already a veteran of podcasting, with co-hosting roles on Marketing Disrupted and The AI Effect, innovation speaker Amber Mac has just launched her own show. Called simply The AmberMac Show, it will be bringing audiences a chance to take a deep dive on timely topics, with discussion between Amber and a diverse range of guests. The content will range across many topics, as she herself describes it:

“In each episode, The AmberMac Show unpacks technology PLUS. The PLUS is everything from politics to education, algorithms to AI, misinformation to marketing, and everything in between.”

For this week’s premier episode, Amber and her guests discussed “Education in the Age of COVID-19.”  The conversations ranged from current concerns from parents, teachers, and administrators, to issues that might arise from shifts in funding and in-person vs. virtual registration, to more long-term possibilities around physically restructuring classes and schools. In this chaotic moment Amber is hopeful that the show’s focus on level-headed and evidence-based discussions will provide the audience with useful insight.

Considered by many to be the go-to expert on anything to do with technology, Amber Mac helps companies and audiences to stay ahead of the curve. She is an industry veteran, renowned as a journalist, moderator, entrepreneur, consultant, and bestselling author. Whatever the setting, Amber offers clarity of understanding and a passion for digital innovation in all forms.

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