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Dr. Greg Wells: The Brain Waves Behind Mental Wellness

Dr. Greg Wells: The Brain Waves Behind Mental Wellness

As a health and performance expert, Dr. Greg Wells loves helping people perform better. Whether they’re a musician, an astronaut, an Olympic athlete, a business leader, etc., he uses his background as a scientist and physiologist to help them enhance their performance.

He recently stopped by our office to give us a snapshot of his new talk that focuses on the current mental health epidemic. Despite living in what Dr. Wells says is the “best time to be a human” with the lowest rates of crime, terrorism, infant mortality, etc. and the longest life span, our mental health is suffering. He’s looking at the brain science behind it, digging deep into the four different brain waves that govern our performance — Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Gamma.

 “I believe why we have a mental health epidemic right now… is because as a society we are spending all of our time in beta waves — hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle, hustle. We’re super busy but you wake up a month later, you know you are working your tail off but you have no idea what you’ve accomplished. You’re just busy.”

Learn about the four types of brain waves and how each of them impacts our performance and well-being in the clip below.

Interested in learning more about Dr. Wells and what he can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].

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