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Tanya Talaga: Global Issues Affecting Indigenous Populations

Tanya Talaga: Global Issues Affecting Indigenous Populations

Award-winning journalist and author Tanya Talaga joined us in our office to dive deep into Indigenous stories from Canada and across the globe. She spoke about her national bestselling book Seven Fallen Feathers, which introduces us to seven Indigenous high school students who mysteriously died in Thunder Bay, as well as issues Indigenous communities in Canada and around the world are currently facing as a result of a shared history of cultural genocide.

“All Indigenous nations are connected that way, if you look at it, all children are taken from their language, their culture, their families, put into schools to be assimilated and from there you can see the social ills kind of falling forward,” Tanya says.

Watch the clip below to learn more:

In her powerful keynotes, Tanya shares Indigenous stories from across Canada and the world, humanizing the legacy of cultural genocide and sharing her hope for a more inclusive and equitable future.

In this next clip, Tanya takes a deep dive into Canada’s history with their Indigenous populations, exploring how we’re a nation built on broken treaties and a residential school system, and what Indigenous communities and Canada as a whole are experiencing now as a result of this.

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