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Bridging the Gap Between Big Business and Technology

Bridging the Gap Between Big Business and Technology

A new speaker on our roster, Andrew Au is an expert on millennials and digital transformation, and helps organizations reach a new equilibrium — from how they engage their customers, to how they motivate their employees, to how they innovate their products and services. Referred to by Forbes as a “millennial expert”, Andrew is a modern business leader who helps organizations, from global blue-chip brands to the education, healthcare, and automotive sectors, to respond to digital and millennial transformation.

As the president of Intercept, a strategic millennial and digital transformation consultancy, he helps companies like Microsoft, Fedex, and 3M accelerate their digital transformation journey. Andrew specializes in change management with a focus on millennial disruption in the marketplace and digital transformation.

He recently joined us inside our boardroom to share insight into how millennials are propelling business forward in their digital transformation, and how he helps organizations fuel that change and discover where the gaps are and how to find the best solutions.

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