Ian Bremmer

Global Political Risk Expert Ian Bremmer: Trump’s relationship with allies “as bad as it could be”

One of the world’s leading global political risk researchers and consultants, Ian Bremmer is renowned for his insight into how political developments move markets, specializing in US foreign policy, states in transition, and global political risk. He is currently the president and founder of Eurasia Group — a leading global political risk research and consulting firm — and a Senior Global Affairs Contributor for CBS News.

In a fascinating interview, Bremmer joined CBS News to discuss “what’s on the table” at the upcoming North Korea Summit. He said it is likely to include economic benefits, the end of the Korean War as well as the potential of putting US troops and a US embassy in South Korea if in return they could confirm denuclearization. Bremmer warns that we should be careful  how we read any denuclearization statements that come out of the North Korea summit.

Bremmer also offered insight into the G7 summit that occurred this past weekend calling it President Donald Trump’s worst foreign policy outing since being elected, and the worst G7 meeting since their inception in 1975. After the meeting, Trump blasted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being “dishonest and weak” after Trudeau reiterated that Canada would not back down on tariffs. Bremmer said that Trump was not responding to Trudeau’s comments but instead acting on his “feelings”.

Bremmer ended the segment stating that the relationship between the US and its allies is “reasonably uncertain” while the individual relationship with Trump and his allies is “as bad as it Could be”.

Watch the whole segment here.