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NAFTA advisors say Canada has to ‘hit back’ against Trump trade action

NAFTA advisors say Canada has to ‘hit back’ against Trump trade action

A dynamic national leader, the Honourable Rona Ambrose, former Leader of Canada’s Official Opposition in the House of Commons, is continuing to make waves and stand for what she believes in as a member of the Liberal government’s cross-party North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) advisory council. Her inherent tenacity, forged through years of battling a unique brand of hostility in the House of Commons, is critical to her role on the council.

Rona is a determined public policy expert who understands that government actions can have a real impact on families and businesses across the country. As NAFTA is in the midst of negotiations, Rona, in a recent interview with CTV News, says she fears that if a deal isn’t made US President Donald Trump could target Canadian industries. Should negotiations fail, she is urging the liberal government to stay firm.

“We have to protect our interests, there’s no doubt about that,” Ambrose said.

“We have to hit back every time we get hit. And that is part of what you do as a sovereign country. This is about a trade war and that is unfortunate.”

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