November 23, 2017 by Paul

Navigating Murky Times across Multiple Sectors

Rona Ambrose knows politics. She successfully rose to lead the largest political party in Canada and after her tenure as leader of the Conservative Party it had the highest membership in its history. Pundits say “Rona made it look effortless” — accomplishing all of this while also being named the most civil parliamentarian. Thanks to years of experience holding an impressive range of cabinet posts, including Environment, Labour, Western Economic Diversification and Intergovernmental Affairs, Status of Women, and Health, and her current role on Advisory Council on the North American Free Trade Agreement, she’s uniquely positioned to offer insights on the complex economic and geopolitical landscape today.

Ambrose visited us the other week to share some of the ways her depth and breadth of knowledge shines a light on our particularly convoluted economic space. Watch the video above to hear some of what she shared.