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Wayne Lee at CSAE: Set your GPS for Success

Wayne Lee at CSAE: Set your GPS for Success

Hypnotist and Performance Expert Wayne Lee was perfectly suited to this year’s CSAE National Conference. Presenting at the Showcase Breakfast, he infused the audience with energy, awe, and laughter, bringing everyone to their feet at the end and creating a buzz that spilled onto the tradeshow floor.

Lee was originally introduced to creative imagery as an athlete on the Canadian Wrestling Team. The first time he saw a hypnotist perform, he immediately recognized the potential for personal excellence. Unlike magic, there is no trick or sleight of hand involved, as the audience quickly learned. A master of the stage, Lee showed off his expertise: causing volunteers to fall asleep and awaken with the touch of a finger and to perform all out as highly skilled musicians in a full blown orchestra upon his command.

What he was really demonstrating, however, was the near-limitless power of words and imagination. We use hypnosis on a daily basis with the words we use around behaviours, goals, and desires, so why not deploy them deliberately and utilize your GPS (Great Programmable Subconscious) for success. With influence, it’s all about the words you use, the images you create, and the words you refuse, negative words that create barriers like “try”, “can’t”, and “but”.  What you focus on expands—identify what you want, write it down, and review it daily.  Be Bold. Dream Big. Aim high, and set your GPS for success.

Kelly MacDonald/October 2017