December 23, 2016 by Paul

Inside Our Boardroom: Chitra Anand, Expert on Intrapreneurship and Marketing

Chitra Anand built a reputation on being a disruptive force, but unlike so much of the innovation we’re used to hearing about, hers was taking place from within large organizations rather than from outside them.

“It’s really hard to get things done in these big companies, but if they wanted something done quickly, try something new or experiment, they would come to me,” Anand said during a recent drop-in to Speakers’ Spotlight’s Toronto office for an Inside Our Boardroom chat. The name she uses to describe the kind of internal experimental risk-taking ability to apply a trailblazing entrepreneurial spirit within the structure of an established company is “intrapreneurship”.

The energy Anand applied to her roles as Head of Public Relations, Communications, and Corporate Reputation for Microsoft Canada and Director of Marketing at Telus crosses over into her engaging talks—revealing to audiences how to foster that spirit and stay on the cutting edge of market trends, technology, and consumer behaviour.

Watch the clip above.