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Staff Spotlight On: Tami Adams, Client Services Executive

While working in the corporate world, Tami Adams found her true passion: event planning. She joined Speakers’ Spotlight in June, 2011, as receptionist after studying psychology at York University. In September, 2011, she switched roles to Event Coordinator, and in 2016, she took on the role as an Client Services Executive. Tami ensures every client event is carried off perfectly, and has completed her Event & Meeting Management certificate from George Brown College. She is currently an active member of MPI-Toronto, where she won New Member of the Year, and was the Chair of the 2015 Holiday Gala Committee. Outside of work, Tami can be found…outside! As a fan of snowboarding, hiking, biking and travelling, she is an avid athlete and is passionate about the environment. We’re proud to shine our spotlight on Tami today:

Did you always want to work in the speaking industry? If not, what other careers did you consider?

I actually didn’t even know the speaking industry really existed, to be honest. It was not until our Executive Vice-President, Kelly MacDonald, came and spoke to my events class, that I learned about Speakers’ Spotlight and thought “what a cool concept”. I shortly after applied, and now here I am five years later. I was really aiming to get into the events industry overall, so this was a great step in the right direction. I think I always was destined to be in the meeting’s industry, at the time I just didn’t know which avenue I would take, but I am glad to have taken this one.

Any advice for people getting started in the industry?

To future speakers: “Make people laugh, have a clear and defined message and give the audience something to think about”.

Do you have any great stories from events you’ve attended featuring Speakers’ Spotlight speakers?

Yes! It was our client showcase two years back, when we invited Clint Malarchuk to speak. Right from the start, I could see people at the edge of their seats waiting for what Clint would share with them next. The defining moment was at the end, when he had shared his shocking and moving life story. The audience actually turned towards Clint (like actually, physically, moved themselves to face him) as he got off the stage and the entire room was silent; even the servers had stopped in their tracks. This was a moment of support for what we just heard, but also a moment of reflection and understanding for many in the room. This was the moment when you know the audience connected with the speaker on every level, they were brought into the speaker’s world and will forever be impacted. It was that moment where you realize “this is why I do what I do.”

What is your favourite thing about working with our speakers?  With clients?

On the speaker side, I get a chance to work with — and meet — people from all walks of life who are really all out to make a difference and impact in this world. What’s not to like?

On the client side, I love that I get the chance to help clients enhance their events with speakers and overall make it a “win” for everyone.

Best subject in school?  

Ha! Gym? That counts right?

Which Canadian city is your favourite?

I have two: Tobermory, Ontario, and Whistler, British Columbia.

Desert island album?

Anything acoustic.

Last book you read? 

Without a Trace,  by Leslie Pearse, I am kind of obsessed with her!

Last film you saw? 

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot with Tina Fey

What speaker(s) alive, or who have already passed away, would you love to hear speak?

RIP: Rubin Carter, I would have loved to hear his story in-person, and have seen the impact he had on those he shared it with.