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Showcasing Speakers To Associations

Showcasing Speakers To Associations
The following is a note from Kelly MacDonald the Executive Vice President of Speakers’ Spotlight:

I have what I believe is an enviable role at Speakers’ Spotlight, which is, representing our company in the meetings and events community. In the same way that a hotel might host an event, thereby showcasing  their property to potential clients in the room, we are called upon to sponsor the speaker. Each occasion is an opportunity to demonstrate our unique contribution to the value and experience for attendees and for organizers.

The enviable part is the fact that I get to attend so many events in a year and actually experience the results of our toil.  Picture showing up to introduce the speaker and then taking a seat at the “reserved” table to watch them ply their craft, drawing in the audience with a wonderful story and  thoughtful connections to the work that they do, and providing some really unique insight to challenges we face, a powerful close and the room erupts with  enthusiastic applause  and there’s me sitting smugly in the audience …basking in the glow.  I know!  Great right!?

The following is a  quick overview of the speakers we have lined up for the  Association world alone, over the past six months and a few we have upcoming…

World adventurer Bruce Kirkby closed  the CSAE National Conference last year  in Calgary, and Next Gen Den Dragon Michael Hyatt will open their  October 2016 National Conference in Toronto.

The 2016 CSAE National Capital Region,  Tete a Tete conference and tradeshow featured two time Olympian and mental health advocate,  Clara Hughes and at that event, Ottawa Tourism sponsored the luncheon speaker, Experience Expert, Dennis Moseley-Williams..  For the CSAE Trillium Chapter, Behavourial Finance Expert, Preet Banerjee spoke at the Winter Summit, sharing advice on achieving and sustaining financial health throughout your lifetime; for the upcoming Summer Summit, we’ll spotlight Change and Communication Aficianado, Lorraine Behnan.   Last week, the Drum Café  helped celebrate the Chapter’s volunteers and further prove through playing music together, how powerful teamwork can be then in September, the Fall business season will return with the Awards Gala, over which, award winning humourist himself, Bill Carr  will preside.

And that’s NOT ALL,  we also worked with fellow supplier, Marriott,  and with the help of Steve Jone and his presentation, Brand Like a Rock Star, attracted over 60+ association planners, to their event in Ottawa last month, with and in July,  David Coletto, one of the founding Partners and CEO of AbacusData,  is partnering with us at the 3rd Annual Engaging Association Forum where he’ll share his informed insight on connecting and engaging with  Canadian Millennials.

We are also proud to work with FICP, IncentiveWorks, MPI, PCMA,  and  more  – and will be continue to  highlight our industry community involvement throughout the year.

Kelly MacDonald, Executive Vice President, Speakers’ Spotlight