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Spotlight On: Disruption & Innovation

Spotlight On: Disruption & Innovation

Love it or loathe it, the Uberfication of everything is shifting expectations when it comes to organizations—from products, services, and marketing, to employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and more. These experts speak from the frontlines of innovation and disruption, explaining how leading the charge is the only way to deal with the change.

The New Guard Nicole Verkindt, Harley Finkelstein and Michele Romanow

Next Gen Den’s Nicole Verkindt and Harley Finkelstein, along with Dragons’ Den’s Michele Romanow, are all recognized for leading game-changing organizations that embrace innovation to stay at the top of their fields. In their cutting-edge talks, they explain how disrupting old paradigms leads to new success.


The Forward Thinkers Leonard Brody, Michael Hyatt and Mitch Joel

Companies are struggling to transform. The massive scale of present-day disruption has left organizations on shaky footing, struggling to engage consumers and employees alike to stay relevant. Business visionaries Leonard Brody, Michael Hyatt, and Mitch Joel help organizations keep up to the rapid pace of change, and explain how to turn uncertainty around and use it in their favour.


The Marketing MavericksRon Tite, Max Valiquette, David Segal

Marketing magazine named Ron Tite one of their “Top 10 Creative Canadians”, and called Max Valiquette one of Canada’s “Most Influential Marketers”. Strategy magazine awarded David Segal’s DAVIDs Tea “Brand of the Year”. Each of these leading marketing experts address a variety of topics surrounding the new wave of branding, corporate strategy, creativity, content, and social media that’s overtaking the world’s business landscape.