Tim Hurson

April 7, 2015 by Speakers' Spotlight

Never Be Closing: The Changing World of Sales

Bringing an energetic blend of insight and humour, Tim Hurson teaches audiences what they already know in their hearts: that creative intelligence is the essence of human potential. Whether you’re a manager or an artist, whether you work alone or in a group, you’ll think better and do better by learning to unlock your creative intelligence—and “unblock” your thinking. With creative intelligence, good work becomes brilliant, and life opens up with a new sense of freedom, confidence, and possibility.

Tim recently stopped by BNN to speak with anchor Catherine Murray about his business philosophies as outlined in his book, Never Be Closing. “Everybody who is being sold something knows they’re being closed,” says Hurson. “And who wants to be closed?” He argues that salespeople should be looking to foster a relationship of trust with potential clients, and thinking about future sales – not just the first. Watch here.

Tim Hurson/BNN/April, 2015