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Jeanne Beker Aims to Offer Fresh Take on Fashion

Jeanne Beker Aims to Offer Fresh Take on Fashion

Jeanne Beker is one of the most influential and fabulous women in the fashion industry—in Canada and around the world. A long-time celebrity, Jeanne speaks on how she rose to the top of arts and culture media as the iconic host of TV’s Fashion Television, along with what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. And she is soon coming back to a TV screen near you!

The Canadian fashion icon’s new Shopping Channel show, “Style Matters With Jeanne Beker,” is set to premiere on March 12, and it will feature the fashionista exploring the world of fashion and style, showing viewers “what matters.” No stranger to the medium, the former “Fashion Television” host will surely bring her unique personality and immense knowledge of the industry to the new gig.

In the video link below, produced by The Canadian Press, the 62-year-old explains that she’d love to use the show to continue her streak of trailblazing in TV. She also plans on traveling the country to visit women (and their closets) and celebrate the “different style sensibilities from coast to coast.”

Tune into the show’s premiere on The Shopping Channel on March 12.

Watch Jeanne talk about the show here.

Canadian Press/March, 2015