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Spotlight On: 4 Hot New Books Just Released and Making News

Spotlight On: 4 Hot New Books Just Released and Making News

Need a great book this fall? Here are four hot new books that just hit the shelves:

Clint Malarchuk: The Crazy Game

The Crazy Game takes readers deep into the troubled mind of Clint Malarchuk, the former NHL goaltender for the Quebec Nordiques, Washington Capitals, and Buffalo Sabres. As a boy, Malarchuk faced deep anxiety and eventually was diagnosed to have OCD. When his throat was slashed during a collision in the crease, he nearly died on the ice. Forever changed, he struggled deeply with depression and dependence on alcohol, which nearly cost him his life and left a bullet in his head. Malarchuk’s courageous story goes a long way toward ending the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Chris Hadfield: You Are Here

The millions of who followed Colonel Chris Hadfield’s tweets from space thought they knew what they were looking at when he first shared his stunning photos of Earth. Now, with a collection of his favourite, never-before-seen images, all taken from the International Space Station, Hadfield helps us all see the big picture: why our planet looks the way it does and why we live where we do. Drawing on his in-depth knowledge of geology, geography, and meteorology, he takes us on a planetary photo tour and explains the mysteries these incredible images reveal.

Canadian Spacewalkers: Bob McDonald

There are astronauts, and there are spacewalkers. Astronauts leave earth’s atmosphere in a spaceship; spacewalkers don pressure suits and step outside into the universe. In Canadian Spacewalkers, Bob McDonald presents a one-on-one with spacewalkers who tell tales of training underwater in the world’s largest swimming pool, recount how they learned to use power tools in zero gravity while wearing bulky gloves, and describe the moment when they opened the hatch and stepped outside, among much more.

Dr. Brian Little: Me, Myself, and Us

In Me, Myself and Us, Dr. Brian Little explores questions that are rooted in the origins of human consciousness but are as commonplace as yesterday’s breakfast conversation: Are our first impressions of other people’s personalities usually accurate? Are creative individuals essentially maladjusted? Are our personality traits, as William James put it, “set like plaster” by the age of thirty? Me, Myself and Us provides a resource for answering such questions. Brian helps us see ourselves, and other selves, as somewhat less perplexing–and definitely more intriguing.


Other speakers with new books recently released include Tod Maffin, Scott Stratten, and Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick.