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Five Ways to Build a Winning Sales Culture

Five Ways to Build a Winning Sales Culture

Ryan Estis challenges conventional thinking on corporate culture, communication, client acquisition, brand ambassadorship and change. The former chief strategy officer for the marketing division of McCann Erickson, he helps companies, leaders, and sellers more effectively connect to their two most important audiences: employees and customers. Guiding audiences through the realities of the new economy, Estis blends interaction, energy, and actionable content to transform and elevate your business outcomes. Here, Ryan talks about the key steps to take to build a winning sales culture within your organization:

Be a culture champion. Culture is a reflection of how we lead, and it starts with you. What’s your vision for success? How are you putting people in a position to succeed? Make sure you communicate courageously and consistently. Everyone is watching.

Be a performance coach. If you expect a high level of accountability and performance from your employees, lead by example. Make sure everyone understands what they can expect from you (and, in turn, what you expect from them).

Be a teacher. We know that buyers are looking for added value from vendors and sellers. Arm your team with information by promoting a culture of continuous learning. Encourage your employees to share best practices, learn from outside the organization, and keep on pursuing their own professional development. Be a student of your industry, and make sure your employees do the same.

Be a change agent. In the new economy, the organizations and leaders who look at every change through the lens of opportunity are better positioned to win. Invite change and innovation and challenge everyone to contribute ideas that help the team improve.

Be a mad scientist. Immerse yourself in the rich data that’s available about your buyers and sellers and use it to make more informed decisions. Quantify your sales strategy decisions with intelligence.

Ryan Estis/May, 2014