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Brian Thwaits: Learn How To Learn More Effectively

Brian Thwaits: Learn How To Learn More Effectively

Did you know that best way to remember something is by pairing the material you are trying to retain with another related idea? Did you also know that there is actually a multi-billion dollar industry that is founded on brain health, brain science, and brain optimization? Lastly, did you know that the more pressure you place on yourself when trying to remember something, the less likely you are to actually remember it?

This week, I had the privilege of accompanying Brian Thwaits to one of his speaking events, where he spoke to a group of right-brained marketing professionals.  As he progressed in his presentation, Brian engaged, stimulated, and entertained the audience while providing them with many tangible and effective takeaways. His lessons included understanding how one can keep their brain stimulated and happy; practical strategies relating to increasing information retention; and lastly, concepts that addressed how one can learn how to learn more effectively. As a former teacher, Brian did a fantastic job at ensuring that the audience members were kept on the edge of seats, and certainly left everyone asking for more.

After concluding, a number of the audience members approached Brian in order to continue to the discussion. If you are curious about the ways in which you can help your people use their minds more effectively, than look no further than Brian Thwaits for your next company event!

By Aubrey Chapnick/Spring, 2014