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Don’t Just Be An Example, Be An Exemplar

Don’t Just Be An Example, Be An Exemplar

World-Renowned Motivator and Communicator Mike Lipkin brings out the best in leaders and employees around the world. The founder and president of Environics/Lipkin, and the author of numerous bestselling motivational books, he combines Environics’ trademark “social values research” with his personal expertise to provide people with the confidence and insight to take powerful action and achieve pre-eminence in their lives. Mike writes about the interesting results of the Environics  2013 Social Values Monitor below:

Here’s the best thing about the winter that we’ve just been through: it’s now spring. Spring’s one of my favourite words. Yes, it’s the season of new beginnings, but it’s also a powerful action. To spring is defined by the Random House Dictionary as being released from a constrained position as if by an elastic force.

So what’s your elastic force? What constrained position do you need to be released from? What excuses do you need to burn? What alibis do you need to give up? What will galvanize you into action?

Today, I want to be your elastic force. I want to share the results of the Environics  2013 Social Values Monitor with you. This is the flagship Environics study that has been conducted with over 100,000 Canadians and Americans since 1983. It is a unique instrument that plots the shifts in how people think, feel and act in response to dynamic change. In 2013, for the first time ever, we measured the Exemplar Values. These are the qualities that define those people who are “Exemplars”–they are the models of excellence. They are literally the 20% of the population who enable the other 80% to succeed.

The Exemplars share three core qualities:

Firstly, they are Situationally Adaptive. They accept their circumstances. They embrace the challenge. They integrate themselves into their environment. They are instinctive optimists. They back themselves to win. In fact, they set themselves difficult goals in order to grow. They embrace complexity as a source of opportunity. They are disciplined and spontaneous in equal measure. Their mantra is “Whatever it is, I’m ready. Bring It On. I’ll Figure It Out.”

Exemplars are emotionally intense. They thrive in the clutch moments. Crises are conduits for their personal expression. They are authentic because they’ve learnt that being any other way erodes their impact.

Does that sound like you so far? I’m here to remind you to do the right thing and pass it on to others. Help me help everyone who is important to you.

The second core quality of Exemplars is that they are Personally Proactive. They plan to win and they execute on their plans. They sense what’s coming because they are looking for it. They are willing to take risks to get what they want out of life. They also have a deep need to use their imagination and talent in their daily life–at work and at play.

They’re also in touch with their personal energy. They know that being proactive takes a lot of them so they take great care of themselves. If you look around you, you’ll see that all great innovators and leaders have a huge vitality. They believe in the American and Canadian Dream and they pursue it with gusto and grit. Does that sound like you so far? Remember, it’s spring. This is the time to rediscover your dream and act on it. It could be closer than you think.

The third core quality of Exemplars is that they are Collectively Interactive. They love to talk and they love the people they talk to. They are social learners. They are attracted to diversity. They respect other cultures and they are curious to sample them at the same time. They have a heightened social conscience. They want to do the right thing because it feels right to them. They also believe in just deserts–that in the end, people get what they deserve as a result of the decisions they make.

They collect friends because they are great friends. They see themselves as citizens of the world and they want to take care of their world. They love to travel because it enables them to talk to even more people. They also like to shop. They are as stimulated by the act of buying as the things they buy. It’s all about the experience rather than the things.

Does that sound like you? The best thing you can do right now is go talk to someone. You may be even more interesting than you think, especially if you show how interested you are in others.

So far, I’ve shared with you what drives Exemplars. Now let me share with you what doesn’t. Exemplars are not fatalistic– they don’t believe that life is governed by forces beyond their control. Exemplars have a low need to escape the stress and responsibility of their daily life because they revel in it. Exemplars do not reject order and authority because they recognize the need for it. Finally Exemplars work to live, they don’t live to work. Their personal fulfillment comes from so many other sources beyond the workplace.

Ok, it’s time to spring forward like an Exemplar. And by the way, if you like what you’ve heard, let’s talk about how I can help your team play like an Exemplar. Until then, remember: the best way to excellence is to build it in others–one conversation at a time.

By Mike Lipkin/March, 2014