Katty Kay

February 26, 2014 by Speakers' Spotlight

Is Brazil Doing Enough For Rio, 2016?

The 2014 Winter Olympic Games have ended, and the world will now turn its attention to Brazil, who host the games in 2016. But, like Sochi, there is global concern about Brazil’s readiness to host the Games and the nation’s ability to keep them safe. Veteran BBC journalist Katty Kay just completed a visit to Rio de Janeiro, where she peered into Brazil’s future. She met with key Brazilian figures, including Mayor Eduardo Paes who hosted a helicopter tour of Rio, one of the world’s most spectacular cities, and she looked at why the country’s income inequality–they’re the 12th most unequal country in the world–is such a concern.

While the government has made a big push to lift people out of poverty (in the last decade alone, 40 million Brazilians have entered the middle class), the question still remains: are things moving fast enough? Watch here for Kay’s insight into Rio, 2016.