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Ziya Tong at the 2013 International CES

Ziya Tong at the 2013 International CES

Daily Planet host and producer Ziya Tong was busy in Las Vegas last week as the 2013 International CES brought companies, experts, and media together from across the globe to admire the latest consumer products and technological innovations.

During the huge event, which includes 1.85 million square feet of exhibit space, Tong interviewed inventors and experts, and tested gadgets Daily Planet-style (which, for one product, even meant getting behind the wheel of industrial equipment). She also got a first-hand glimpse at everything from the latest televisions to cutting-edge technology that may not be available to consumers for years.

As CES drew to close, I sat down with Tong on the show floor and discussed what makes the annual event so notable, and got her take on what she considered some of the most interesting moments at the conference. I also asked for her opinion on the controversial “booth babes” at CES, which have recently drawn a lot of media attention.

Watch the interview with Ziya Tong, and catch her on Daily Planet weeknights at 7:00 PM (ET)

By W. Andrew Powell

January 15, 2013