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Mitch Joel on How to Reboot

Mitch Joel dropped by the Speakers’ Spotlight office recently to update us on what he’s been working on ―specifically his highly anticipated new book Ctl Alt Del, which will be released in May.

As the President of Twist Image, a highly successful digital marketing firm, Mitch understands the struggles that companies and brands are experiencing in the world of online marketing.  He told us that many organizations feel “stuck” ―they feel as though they are in a state of limbo with regard to new technology, and they’re not sure how to move forward. His new talk addresses this frustration and gives audiences a broad perspective on what marketers need to consider.

One main focus for marketers should be what Mitch dubs “utilitarian marketing.”  Brands need to be aware of where they are located and how they are being used by consumers. They should strive to be people’s screens―whatever that screen may be.  He noted that most apps are not useful in the long term―people download them and then never use them. In response, companies that seek to create apps in the future need to find platforms that their consumers will find useful and use regularly.

At their core the focus of Mitch’s new book―and his new keynote speeches―is the power of direct relationships. For Mitch, the most interesting aspect of the new world of technology is not the technology itself, but rather the connections and relationships that happen as a result of the technology.  He notes that business has changed because clients and consumers are now connecting in different ways.

During his presentations, Mitch shows audiences the reality of the new digital age, and challenges groups to look at their business differently based on this reality. His goal is to help people feel that changes that are occurring in the digital world can be understood and managed, and to alleviate the stress that sometimes accompanies digital marketing challenges.

We are very excited for Mitch’s upcoming book, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated with news about its release.