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The Night the Lighthouse Went Out

The Night the Lighthouse Went Out

Guest blog from Simon Sinek

We’ve lost a lighthouse. Steve Jobs, the man who stood for so much more than sleek design or innovation, the man who stood for people, is gone.

He was singularly  devoted, not to technology, but how people interacted with technology. It wasn’t for us to fit into a world of computers, it was for the computers to fit into a world of people. And that’s what made Jobs different. That’s what made Jobs special.

There are many great CEOs and there are great innovators, but we won’t miss them the same way we’ll miss Jobs. Jobs lived above his company and its products. This is what made Jobs one of the great leaders of our time. He didn’t lead a company – he led us. He inspired us. He had a cause and we followed him in his pursuit.

For all those who think different, the rebels, the misfits, those who see the world differently, Jobs gave us language. He gave us a way to show people who we are, what we believe. He gave us symbols, like beacons, so that we can more easily find those who believe what we believe. And most of all, he made us feel like we belong. He reminded us that the ones who see things differently are the ones who change the world.

Rest in peace Steve, for you accomplished what you set out to do…you changed the world…and our lives are better for it.

You will be missed.