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How Can I Keep the Learning Alive After My Keynote Event?

How Can I Keep the Learning Alive After My Keynote Event?

We’ve already explored how to maximize the impact of your keynote speaker on the day of your event, but what about the days after? How can you maximize the learning opportunity that your keynote event provides to attendees for the long-term?

One of our most frequently asked questions from our clients is, how can we keep the learning alive? Unfortunately, audience members can’t take a keynote speaker home with them, but we can offer them the next best thing — from executive summaries and digital resources to virtual and in-person follow-up sessions.

In the latest edition of our “Behind the Spotlight” series, our team explores the many ways our roster of keynote speakers and industry experts work with our clients to ensure the learning sticks well after the standing ovation ends.

An Executive Summary, Simple Yet Effective

One of the simplest yet effective ways to enhance the keynote learning experience is by providing attendees with an executive summary. Many of our keynote speakers create helpful summaries of the strategies, tips, or tools explored during their presentation to be shared post-event.

“This could be a simple page with maybe five or six of the most salient points they were trying to make,” Speakers Spotlight’s Senior Vice President Bryce Moloney said. “If they did a good job as a speaker,” he continued, “they’re instantly going to remember where that appeared in the presentation, and sometimes that’s all the prompt [an attendee] will need.”

Likewise, many keynote speakers are happy to provide a supporting article to share on a company’s website or blog. Speakers often tailor this content to help clients underline the main goal or purpose of their event.

To take this one step further, Bryce likes to recommend a video executive summary vs. a written summary. It can be just as easy for a keynote speaker to create a 2-3-minute video summarizing each of their key points, he said. These can then be distributed one by one in the weeks following the event.  “It’s a drip irrigation method instead of a flash flood.” Hear more from Bryce in the video below:

Dive Deeper with a Virtual Add-On

While virtual became a necessity during the pandemic, it’s continued to be an essential learning tool with many of our clients using it as a complement to their in-person events.

Now that we have a comfort with virtual platforms, Speakers Spotlight’s President and Co-Founder Martin Perelmuter said, clients are using them to host add-on events that can enhance the in-person learning experience. For example, many clients will host a post-event, ask-me-anything webinar with a keynote speaker. This allows them to further explore pertinent concepts or strategies and ask any questions that may have arisen while actioning out takeaways from their presentation. Learn more in the video below:

Put Learning into Action: Follow-Up Sessions

For clients really looking to enact change in their organizations, many of our keynote speakers can create in-depth learning plans to help put intention into action. This can include workshops, guided discussions, consultations, coaching, and more.

Bryce has worked with Dr. John Izzo — a pioneer in employee engagement, leading change, and corporate social responsibility — several times over his decade-long tenure at Speakers Spotlight. Following his keynote presentations, John will create what he calls “accountability pods” for his clients. He’ll group people together into “pods” and create a schedule for them to meet over six weeks, setting a specific topic of conversation for each meeting.

“It gives [attendees] a different forum in which to explore those ideas further,” Bryce said, “through discussion rather than just rote memorization.”

Hear more in the video below:

This article has been published as part of our content series, Behind the Spotlight, which explores the inner workings of the speaking industry. Every month, our incredible team — one of the most experienced in the industry — will share tips and insights to help meeting and event planners maximize the impact of their events through the power of a great speech.

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