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Trey Anthony on Her New Book and Writing Your Own Success Story

Trey Anthony on Her New Book and Writing Your Own Success Story

With the release of her debut book earlier this year, Trey Anthony has added one more accomplishment to her already multi-hyphenate career. The playwright, entrepreneur, and speaker published Black Girl in Love (with Herself) as a way to share both her incredible personal story of success and a guide to help black women navigate a world of unique challenges – while making space for self-love and striving to avoid burnout.

Speaking with Forbes about the new book and her path to success, Trey discussed how her intention with Black Girl in Love is to at once provide support for other women like her and also remind them that it’s easy to get trapped playing into the expectations society has for them.

“I want for Black women to know we don’t always have to show up strong and think we have all the answers. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is being vulnerable and taking care of my mental health. That’s all in the book, and I’m really hoping this level of vulnerability really resonates with other Black women,” Trey said to Forbes.

Despite her successes, Trey was also eager to highlight her own struggles on her path and to call out the inequality she’s faced. The key, for her, has been to turn these challenges and roadblocks into fuel for her drive and ambition.

While Anthony’s focus on Black stories has won the heart of her audience, she acknowledged that the mainstream media has often been reluctant to get on board. From executives telling her that her subject matter wouldn’t resonate with broader audiences to a book agent declaring that her book idea could not be sold, Anthony has heard ‘no’ many times. She’s never let it discourage her.

“I always see it as a lesson. It’s the ability to say, ‘I’m going to prove you wrong…I’m going to make you wish you had said yes to this,” Anthony said.

Among the various pieces of advice she offered to fellow creatives seeking to “write their own success stories”, Trey also outlined four simple tips to keep in mind for any project that they might be taking on:

  1. Write what you know and what’s important to you.
  2. Don’t let perfectionism keep you from creating.
  3. Protect your creative time from distraction.
  4. Study your craft and allow experts to mentor you.

Trey Anthony is a visionary creator, comedian, television writer, and award-winning playwright of international significance. The first African Canadian woman to have her own program on a primetime Canadian network, she is the writer of the critically acclaimed hit play and television show ‘da Kink in My Hair, which put her on the map as a mentor and role model. Anthony’s infectious energy, humour, and determination inspires audiences to go after ― and achieve ― their dreams.

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