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Max Valiquette on Building Lasting Connections with the Youth Market

Max Valiquette on Building Lasting Connections with the Youth Market

It’s an important time for brands to re-examine their approach during the pandemic, says Max Valiquette in a recent article for strategy. The marketing and innovation expert says that it’s a given that younger demographics are the target for majority of brands, and most success stories in the business usually make a point of connecting with their audience at a younger age and developing that relationship over a lifetime. But right now, current conditions mean the tried-and-tested approach of appealing to growth and momentum in life needs a bit of nuance.

Max and his co-author write: “…the very meaning of “future” has recently been completely altered. The future feels like it’s on hold right now. As such, the life trajectories of the next generation have been thrown off by the pandemic. Not their goals, per se, but rather the belief that a forward movement towards a goal is inevitable.

So, what can agile, forward-thinking brands and organizations do? Max argues that a more thoughtful and community-based approach to building influence is needed. There’s a chance to make meaningful connections by seeking out the places, now almost exclusively online, where young people feel most comfortable. The key is not to come across as too forced or too narrow in messaging. Max writes about how a lasting relationship can be built on hope and authenticity:

“Engaging with young people within their communities to show that there is still a bright future is the answer for any brand. The world only spins forward. Brands that can remind young people of that in a meaningful, authentic way won’t just connect with them during COVID – they’ll matter to them as much after, too.”

For over twenty years, Max Valiquette has been at the forefront of what’s now, what’s new, and what’s next. Anointed by Marketing Magazine as one of Canada’s “most influential Marketers,” Max has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world to help them transform their organizations, their businesses, and their brands. He is an award-winning marketer and market researcher; an author; a broadcaster; and a journalist who relishes engaging with audiences.

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