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Killing Complexity and Driving Innovation with Lisa Bodell

Killing Complexity and Driving Innovation with Lisa Bodell

A global leader on culture and behaviour change, Lisa Bodell is the founder and CEO of the skill-building firm FutureThink. She has helped transform hundreds of thousands of employees from Fortune 500 companies by showing them how to eliminate the complexity that holds them back and get to the work that matters.

Known for providing the tools and techniques needed for accelerating change, driving growth, and solving problems creatively, Lisa answered a few questions for us on how to jumpstart the process.

What is the #1 insight you would offer a CEO today?

Imagine how much more successful your organization would be if employees wasted less time in meetings, answering emails, and doing unnecessary tasks. How much potential is being wasted and how much more could you achieve? Complexity is the enemy of meaningful work, and successful leaders are realizing the importance of teaching teams to kill complexity and get to the work that matters. Doing so can open the door to greater productivity and innovation.

How do you suggest they go about that?

To innovate, we need to free up time and create the space for change to happen. That’s where simplification comes in. Leaders need to give teams permission to identify and eliminate complexity when they see it, so they can better use their time on things that help them reach their goals — like meeting with more clients, selling more business, or solving bigger problems.

How does someone begin simplifying?

Want to be an instant hero and get instant results at work? Ask employees a simple question: if you could kill any rule at work to be more productive, what would it be and why? Employees have dozens of ideas that can immediately save time, money, and increase morale.

How else can teams simplify?

We need to consistently challenge the way that we work. I have more than 50 questions to help people and teams start doing this. Try these at your next status meeting, or ask yourself:

  1. If I had to eliminate 25% of what I do every day, what would I eliminate and why?
  2. What can I start saying no to?

Why did you launch accelerated learning sessions for events?

When it comes to learning, people are time-starved and want something that works immediately; so, we designed learning that caters to today’s world of “adult ADD”. Our accelerated sessions teach participants 1 skill + 1 high impact tool in 1 high-energy hour. They get immediate results. Simple.

One last tip to share?

Events are evolving, and clients want more — more insights, more things that they can immediately use, more impact. We have to go beyond standard keynotes and panels and move the needle right in the room. The best client experiences — and speakers — provide the perfect combination of sizzle AND steak, and continue to motivate well after the event is over.

In 2019, Lisa was named the “Most Inspirational Woman in Communications Strategy and Execution” and “Most Innovative Business Workshop Training Facilitator” by Acquisitions International.

Interested in learning more about Lisa and what she can bring to your next event? Email us at [email protected].