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Mental Health Week 2018: From Coping to Thriving

Mental Health Week 2018: From Coping to Thriving

As part of Mental Health Week we’ve been sharing some of the inspiring speakers on our roster who’ve made and continue to make real change happen in the mental health sphere. Today we’re sharing the story of one of the most-watched TED mental health speeches ever, and that of a psychiatrist retooling workplaces to better manage mental health stressors.

Kevin Breel

Kevin Breel’s TEDx Talk, “Confessions of a Depressed Comic”, has garnered more than four million views, making it one of the most watched TED talks ever on mental health. In the years since he delivered it, Kevin’s been called one of the “Most Influential Millennials in the World” by Parade magazine, and is now a national ambassador for Bell “Let’s Talk”. He combines honesty and humour to reflect on his first-hand experience with depression and his message of ending the stigma around mental illness.

Dr. Shimi Kang

An award-winning medical doctor, researcher, and lecturer on human motivation, Dr. Shimi Kang offers the keys people of all ages need to succeed in the workplace, the classroom, and at home. Dr. Kang shows people how to cultivate the key 21st century skills needed to flourish both professionally and personally.

Dr. Kang is the former Medical Director of Child and Youth Mental Health for Vancouver and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia. She is the author of The Self-Motivated Kid and The Dolphin Parent: A Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy, and Self-Motivated Kids. This critically acclaimed book became a #1 Canadian Bestseller, released in Germany, Russia, and China, and won the 2015 US News International Book Award.