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A Fashion Legend’s Reflections

A Fashion Legend’s Reflections

Jeanne Beker is one of the most influential and fabulous women in the fashion industry—in Canada and around the world. A long-time celebrity, Jeanne speaks on how she rose to the top of arts and culture media as the iconic host of TV’s Fashion Television, along with what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

On the eve of turning 66 she chatted with The Kit about some lessons she’s learned during her incredible career in fashion journalism. Here are some of her sage words:

Take it from someone who’s had the opportunity to meet some of the most celebrated stunners on the planet: Mere physical beauty wears frightfully thin after a few minutes. What does remain forever attractive is warmth, wit, insight, authenticity and that ultimate personal style essential: self-confidence. Of course, confidence is something that ebbs and flows. But while there have been chapters in my life when I’ve struggled with possessing it, I’ve found that by being true to myself, keeping an open heart and living in the moment, I’ve arrived at an exquisite place in my life where new doors keep opening. There’s no way these realizations could have taken place in the much younger me.

These days, I’m having the time of my life. I’m still dancing as fast as I can, but now I refuse to sweat the small stuff or beat myself up for things I should have done or deny myself the odd chocolate truffle. I’m proud to have come this far and I pamper myself every chance I get. I never apologize for my age or my attitude. I’ve earned these precious gifts of wisdom and self-love. And while I can get nostalgic reflecting on my past, I only look back to remember how far I’ve come, excited by the distance I’ve yet to go.

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